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SUPER fluffy and soft

Super Fluffy Sherpa Baby Blanket - Blue

Super Fluffy Sherpa Baby Blanket - Blue

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For years we've used Bernat Pipsqueak yarn for our fluffy sheep - mostly white but also pink, blue, gray, and a few other colors. Recently we tried making complete blankets from this yarn, and everyone who has seen (or especially touched) these blankets absolutely loves them. They are 100% hand-knitted and SO thick, fluffy, and soft!

This baby blue sherpa blanket has 24 white sheep made from the same fluffy yarn. Your baby boy will want to squeeze it in his little hands, and it will keep him plenty warm.

Unlike most blankets of this type, ours are hand-knitted vs. being cut from a roll. Also, the fluffy material is identical on both sides. It might sometimes be called faux fur, which is usually quite thin, whereas this is more like the thick sheepskin lining of a WW2 bomber jacket.

Size: 24-25 inches (61-63.5 cm) minimum along each dimension

Care: machine wash warm, tumble dry (low heat), no bleach, no iron

Yarn Content: 92% polyester, 8% acrylic (just the sheep heads and legs)

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I purchased the Khaki Lovey and the Blue Super Fluffy Sheep Blanket as a gift; they both are so beautiful and well made! Absolutely love the feel of the fluffy blanket and can't wait to gift these.

Glad you loved the new super-fluffy blanket. I come back from Nicaragua on Saturday and will have more pink and blue ones, plus two each of light gray and also of chocolate with cream-colored sheep!

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