Collection: Handmade Baby Blankets

Beautiful hand knitted baby blankets for sale here, along with loveys and gift sets made by women we've trained in Central America's poorest country. Non-profit and made in a living room, not a factory.
Baby wrapped in a blue handmade baby blanket from Sheep Dreamzzz
We even tell you who made your blanket! Very different from baby blankets mass-produced in factories with little to distinguish one from the next. Take a peek inside our "factory."

Our blankets are breathable. That's due to all the tiny holes created while knitting. In comparison, polyester minky blankets are super-soft but don't breathe well - important for any blanket in a baby's crib.
Baby blankets knit by hand are breathable - you can see right through them.

Also, with Sheep Dreamzzz, all of the "profits" go to our knitters in Nicaragua so they can feed their families. Sheep Dreamzzz is a work of the 501(c) (3) charitable organization Sheep Not Goats.

So Many Colors...

Our handmade baby blankets come in many colors, with cotton blends, wool blends, even organic. Click the swatches below to see all of our in-stock blankets, then click an image to make your selection and add it to your cart.