Baby Blanket Size?

What size baby blanket should I get? It depends how the blanket will be used.

But first... a lot of people visit this page so we're pulling our #1 suggestion up here to the top. Why put a blanket in the crib that is wider than the crib (27-28 inches)? It will only bunch up! You don't want a lot of extra material around your sleeping baby.

OK, now the more thorough discussion.

Common Baby Blanket Uses

Swaddle - Used to wrap a baby up tight, these are typically 40-48 inches square and made of non-stretchy material in order to keep a baby firmly encased. Hand-knitted blankets are not used for swaddling, since the same holes that make them breathable also make them relatively stretchy.

Floor Covering - When baby is having tummy time or laying nearby looking up at their new world, this blanket keeps him or her separate from the dust and grime of the floor. The size doesn't really matter; the larger the blanket the less likely baby will roll off of it. You also want one that can be washed many times since it will get dirty. A larger, cheap synthetic blanket like a minky or other faux fur blanket (including sherpa and chenille, which are 100% polyester) works fine.

Crib - If you are OK with using blankets in cribs, you should know that the internal width of a crib is 27 3/8" to 28 5/8" so there is no reason to have a larger blanket in a crib since it is more likely to bunch up and the baby could get wrapped up in it when all you really want to do is cover them.

You can see here how our blankets, typically 25" x 25", fit perfectly within a crib.

Baby in a crib under a Sheep Dreamzzz baby blanket

Important - If you use a blanket in the crib it must be breathable. Minky, faux fur, and other all-polyester blankets are not breathable. This is where a lightweight hand-knitted blanket really shines. learn more

Car Seat - You want a blanket that you can quickly tuck around your baby (so it won't fall off), without a lot of extra material hanging off the edges. 24-25 inches wide is plenty.

Stroller - Pretty much the same deal as the car seat, with one additional downside for a larger blanket: it hangs down and may touche the ground or get caught in the wheels. No need for that.

Security - The term "security blanket" is mostly reserved for smaller loveys (many with animal heads on them). You want a small size since an infant or toddler will carry it around everywhere, including when he or she begins to walk. The small size makes it pretty much impossible to trip over. It's not a cover; it's not for warmth, just something to hold onto, ideally with a variety of textures for the baby to explore.

Our Focus

A Sheep Dreamzzz blanket is 24-25 inches square. It's not for swaddling and probably isn't your go-to tummy time blanket, at least not once the baby begins rolling around. But for the crib, car seat, or stroller it's absolutely perfect. Not too small and not too big, and with some blankets under $30 you can affordably have one that you leave in the car, perhaps a washable wool blend if it's for the cooler time of year or if the A/C is always blasting.

A Sheep Dreamzzz blanket is 100% hand-knitted and all the profits go to the women we trained to knit in Central America's poorest country. Many of our customers have expressed how much they value a gift that is not only handmade with great quality, but also helps others.