Collection: Lightweight Baby Blankets

In the hunt for a lightweight baby blanket that's snug but not stifling? We have hand-knitted blankets that are light and breathable, great for warm times of the year or as a light cover anytime. 

Little girl wrapped in a pastel pink lightweight baby blanket. It's one of our 45% cotton baby blankets that are lightweight for summer or any time of year..

Not all hand-knitted blankets are lightweight. It's all about the yarn. You also get breathability superior to all the blankets based on faux fur or minky cut from a textile roll. The secret is all the little holes that result from a knitting by hand (not by machine).

So don't just consider muslin baby blankets or 100% cotton baby blankets for your lightweight blanket needs. Consider handmade, with knitting like in the old days - by hand, no machines, no factories.

Aura Rosa, a Sheep Dreamzzz knitter, making a light weight baby blanket in Nicaragua.

And in our case, every blanket sold feeds a family for a week in Central America's poorest country. All profits from Sheep Dreamzzz sales go to help the women we've trained to become expert knitters.

The following collections represent our most lightweight baby blankets. Click the little round color swatches to see all that we currently have in stock.

Little girl hugging her lavender light weight baby blanket.

Light as Air and Handmade!

If you're looking for a light weight baby blanket, consider a lightweight knitted blanket in addition to tradition cotton baby muslin blankets and other cotton baby blankets. You won't regret it!

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More Lightweight Blankets

Little girl clutching a creamy vanilla color light weight blanket from Sheep Dreamzzz.

This vanilla-color lightweight baby blanket has coffee-color fluffy sheep. Also available as a lovey. Put the two together in a gift set with a sheep doll and save.

Baby boy with his Coffee Milk elegant and light blanket from the Cotton Elegance category.

This Cotton Elegance light blanket is called Coffee Milk. An elegant blanket for summer in a natural color.

Image of a hand-knitted light thin baby blanket held up to natural light, making it easy to see all of the holes in the knitting through which air passes.

Did we mention how breathable hand-knitted blankets are, even moreso when they are lightweight blankets?

Hand knitting produces many small holes in the blanket, through which air passes easily.

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