Here's what to expect for your Sheep Dreamzzz blanket, lovey, or gift set, including options. We make every effort to ensure that your handmade gift arrives undamaged and ready to give.


Standard packaging for blankets and loveys is a crisp, clear cellophane packet with a silky ribbon tied around it. There's a tag inside with the picture and story of the woman who made it, with care instructions on the back.

Warm Stripes Sheep Dreamzzz baby blanket wrapped in a silky ribbon
Want it more "hidden" ? Add a gift box or tell us in order notes to wrap it in tissue paper before we put it inside the clear packet.

Items marked "Clearance" may be packaged differently.

Gift Boxes for Blankets

There are two gift box options for baby blankets and for sets that include blankets. One is a pure white box with a silky ribbon tied around it. This completely hides what's inside. It costs $4.00.

White gift box for Sheep Dreamzzz blankets

The other option for blankets is a gold-foil gift box with a clear lid. It also has a ribbon around it. It costs $5.00.

Sheep Dreamzzz green baby blanket in a clear-lid box with a white ribbon

Gift-boxed blankets are always shipped inside another box to avoid damage during shipping.


Our smaller lovey security blankets also have a clear packet with a silky ribbon.

Blue Sheep Dreamzzz lovey inside a clear cellophane packet with a sheep doll on top, all tied together with a silky white ribbon

We don't offer a gift box for loveys but if you tell us in order notes to wrap it in tissue paper before we put it inside the clear packet we can do that. However, since every lovey comes with a fluffy sheep doll beneath the ribbon, the lovey is somewhat obscured from vision until the ribbon comes off.

Gift Sets

A gift set combines a blanket and a matching lovey, plus whatever additional items you choose (such as a fluffy sheep doll or sheep booties). Your set will arrive with blanket and lovey inside one of our white boxes, with the sheep doll tied under the ribbon on top. Then we'll place it within another box to ensure that your set arrives in good shape and ready to give.

You can always upgrade to a clear-lid box.


Sheep Doll

We don't sell the fluffy sheep doll separately, however if you order it as an add-on to a blanket (remember, it already comes with the lovey and the gift set) it will go outside the package beneath the ribbon.

Newborn Booties

There are endless variations of product combinations, so booties could be with just a blanket (as in the image below), but of course if there is a gift box it may be different. We try to package things as nicely as possible!

Newborn booties tied under a ribbon on top of a baby blanket.

Other Add-ons

We think you can see our approach from the examples given. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.