Packaged to Give

Every blanket and lovey from Sheep Dreamzzz arrives ready to give. Standard packaging for blankets and loveys is a crisp, clear cellophane packet with a silky ribbon tied around it. There's a tag inside with the picture and story of the woman who made it, with care instructions on the back.

Our smaller lovey security blankets also have a clear packet with a silky ribbon.

Both blankets and loveys have box options, and if a fluffy sheep doll is part of your order, it will be under the ribbon as shown. Gift-boxed orders are shipped within another box to make sure there is no damage on the way to the final destination.

 Packaging for BlanketsPackaging options for Sheep Dreamzzz baby blankets


Packaging for Lovey Security Blankets

Packaging for Sheep Dreamzzz lovey security blankets