free shipping

Sheep Dreamzzz ships everything for free to any US location, including US territories such as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and Guam.

If your destination is Canada or elsewhere, it's best to have the item sent to you (for free) and then figure things out at your local post office. It will be easier and cheaper to send as a personal gift (from you) than a commercial item (from us).

We send items within two business days, but often sooner. There's an option to send via priority services (usually USPS Priority Mail) for $5.00 extra.

We will not send to an address that is unrecognized, i.e. the USPS says that it does not exist. We had a situation where a client insisted that it was correct and in the end it wasn't and it was a mess. If we encounter an issue, we will reach out to you about it.

Please exercise caution (as we do) shipping to apartment buildings or other locations that may leave packages in a common area where they are more likely to be stolen.