Over the years we've made blankets from yarns that fall into one of two groups:

Cotton Blends, Wool Blends, and Synthetics

Most of our blankets fall into this category. Only organic blankets and 100% pima cotton blankets do not (they are described below).

Wash them on a gentle cycle in cold or warm water. Don't use bleach or iron. Dry using low heat.

100% Cotton and 100% Organic

We've made 100% pima cotton blankets and all-organic blankets that are either 100% cotton or 45% cotton/45% wool/10% nylon. These blankets are more delicate than the first group so extra care is required.

These blankets can be gently washed in cold water (machine or by hand). For drying you have two options:

  1. Lay flat to air dry. Placing in the sun or beneath a ceiling fan will help.
  2. Use the dryer on low heat or air dry without any other wet items in the machine. Dry only until about 50% dry, then lay flat under a ceiling fan until completely dry.

When you lay these blankets out, you will want to coax them back into their original square shape.

Keep in Mind

Every blanket that we sell has already been washed according to the instructions above, so we know they work. Blankets in the second group shrink more in a dryer with heat so we knit them slightly larger to compensate.

For maximum softness and a great fresh smell, adding a fabric softener like Downy to the wash is a great option.

Yarn content can be found either on a white tag attached to the blanket or on the packaging. If you need help, send a picture of your blanket to and we'll tell you exactly what your blanket is made of.