Over 100 reviews so far and not one less than ★★★★★ !

In addition to those you see elsewhere on our site (which are specific to a blanket type AND color), you can see all of our reviews below, classified by blanket type (yarn).

Angel Soft (40 reviews)

Angel was our very first yarn. It's a chunky weight cotton blend that produced a very soft, heavier blanket. We're still finishing off the last of this yarn.

★★★★★ Lovely Blanket Very well made and an inspiring heirloom that belongs in every baby’s nursery. Heartfelt thanks to Aura Rosa for her beautiful handiwork. - Tamar S.
★★★★★ Beautiful Blanket The blanket is beautiful. I will be giving it to the mother to be in June at her baby shower. I am sure she will love it and appreciate the love and time put into making it. God Bless! - Jeneane P.
★★★★★ So cozy! I bought one of these for my son and another for my niece - born 2 weeks apart! - and they are so soft, cozy, and sweet! Though both were "clearance" options, you would never know there were any imperfections and it's clear they were made with love. I love wrapping my boy up in his blanket every day and I know he's going to love playing with the texture of the knitting and adorable sheep as he gets older and begins exploring his environment more. The fact that they are lovingly handmade and help support women entrepreneurs is the icing on the cake! - Kristen J.
★★★★★ Sweetest Blanket! I have purchased three of these sheep dreamzzz blankets as gifts. They are so soft and just beautiful the recipients loved them! Perfect size for a stroller or car seat, no bulky blanket having to be bunched up and stuffed around baby. They shipped promptly and communication with sellers was excellent. Best of all perhaps is that every penny of the proceeds help women feed their families in Nicaragua. How awesome is that? Very happy with my purchases! - Carolyn S.
★★★★★ GO TO SLEEP!! I have purchased several of the baby blankets for friends' newborns in the last year and I can't think of a more unique gift! First of all they are absolutely adorable, but more importantly Sheep Dreamzzz is a non-profit charity that empowers Central American women and their handicrafts. The yarns are top quality and soft; the hand knitting looks as perfect as if were machine-manufactured. I love the attached picture and personal story of the blanket knitter, which adds a nice touch. Also the option of buying a stuffed sheep to accompany the blanket is genius! I am proud to give such a beautiful gift to celebrate a new birth!! - Debbie G.
★★★★★ The Best Baby Gift We have purchased several blankets and will definitely buy more! The product is phenomenal and how can we not support these women? The Jacoby’s inspire us! - Steve H.
★★★★★ For Baby Boy Hawk ( no name has been picked yet). My Granddaughter (Elina) loved it, she is expecting her first baby in September, she is excited, and love the blanket. - Virginia F.
★★★★★ These blankets are incredibly soft & plush. You can tell by looking at them that incredible time & care is put into each one. They are a lovely, timeless gift for any newborn. The thought that each purchase also contributes to giving women the ability to provide for their families is a heart-warming addition to the gift. - Rebecca C.
★★★★★ We got one for our grandson. It was very well made and super soft. - Tim W.
★★★★★ Love the blankets! I purchased them as gifts and the new Moms I gave them to also loved the blankets but more so were inspired by the story behind the ladies who made them. - Amy P.
★★★★★ Great gift! This blanket is the perfect gift it is such amazing quality and just simply adorableas well as supporting a good cause. My friend (first-time grandma) was delighted when her daughter received this in the mail for her new bundle of joy. Shipping was super fast as well. Happy to support this great work of these hard-working Nicaraguan women. - Nancy D.
★★★★★ These blankets are beautiful and amazingly well-made. They are soft and cuddly and hold up through lots of use. I love that they support Women working to support their families. - Stacy F.
★★★★★ The blanket was given as a gift and they absolutely love it. It was beautiful and I chose pink for the blanket which was a very nice shade of pink. - Karen T.
★★★★★ Precious! Greatly appreciated as a gift! - Kim S.
★★★★★ Soft and beautiful The blanket is even more beautiful in person. It's very soft. I love that these blankets help the ladies that make them, that's a plus! - Susan H.
★★★★★ Love Lamb Blanket! I bought one of the baby blankets for my future granddaughter! It was a huge hit at the baby shower! Quality, color, is phenomenal! So many people wanted to know the internet site so they could buy one! - Mary S.
★★★★★ Excellent Present Not only is the story behind these blankets incredible, but the workmanship and the quality is top notch. We are so glad we were able to get one as a gift for our friend's newborn girl. It is truly a one of a kind gift. - Nabil C.
★★★★★ We have three grand-babies and each one has their own Sheepdreamzz blanket. We love the quality, the workmanship and the fact that it helps provide a livelihood for women in Central America. I found it to be quite touching to receive a note from each woman who made the blankets. We are expecting another grandson in May and I just ordered another blanket and items to go along with it and I know it will be just as beautiful as the others. Thank you Steve and Sandy! PS. The customer service is great! - Mary H.
★★★★★ Beautiful blanket and ultra soft with great craftsmanship. Thank you for making it possible to purchase such a great product from the women in Nicaragua, I am just in love with your cause and this blanket. I bought a white blanket with baby blue sheep,and its just as pictured in the photos. Its thick, warm, and super cute; my babe uses it in our walks in the cold, rainy northwest. Thank you again. And keep doing a fantastic job!!! - Lisa S.
★★★★★ Great Customer Service I needed to correct my mailing address and add a note and customer service took care of it immediately. I sent this as a baby shower gift and my friend loved it. Mentioned the blanket being incredibly soft and well made. Bonus to also be supporting a great cause in the process. - John H.
★★★★★ Great product and very worthy cause. This cause is like unto give a man a fish and he eats for a day but teach a man how to fish and he eats everyday. - Jim C.
★★★★★ I absolutely love my Sheep Dreamzzz blanket and lovey for my son. I was so enamored I have bought 4 more for friends as gifts for their little ones. I am also pleased that this business is connected with advancing skill sets in underprivileged areas and they are helping locals both professionally and personally. It makes these blankets all the more special. - Natalie C.
★★★★★ I am truly amazed at the quality and skill that goes into every single blanket! Sandy has meticulously taught these women, and they have mastered the craft expertly (and it is not easyI tried to learn and failed)! But even more than that, the livelihood this provides for the Nicaraguan families is what really mattersthe women keep 100% of the profits! These incredibly soft blankets will be a treasured gift for your loved ones, and a keepsake for years to come. I cant wait to see my future grandson snuggle with his (he is due January 2nd)! - Nancy D.
★★★★★ I bought a blanket for my 2nd Grandson and cant wait until he gets the chance to use it. The blanket looks well knitted and love the fact that it is helping provide Women with a steady source of income as they produce their finish product. Thank you - Alba Z.
★★★★★ I bought a gray sheep dreamzzz blanket for my nephew for his first birthday and then had to buy another for my son! It is absolutely adorable, so soft & cuddly, and wonderfully made. - Cara H.
★★★★★ I bought one for my nephew and his wifes 6 week old baby, Ryan, and they raved about its quality and softness. It was a big hit! They also love that it supported families in Nicaragua! - Steve R.
★★★★★ I bought two of these blankets, sight unseen, once I realized the community it served. They are exquisitely constructed, with no comparison. Soft and beautiful; creativity which far surpasses anything I have seen. This gift has a custom personal feel which is so much better than I anything else in large commercial stores. Several of my friends have and will purchase after seeing such a nice product. Thanks for having such a vision and impacting the lives of others in such a great way. - Patricia M.
★★★★★ I love these blankets! Extremely soft and well made. Packaged very well, with a thoughtful note. Would buy again! - Drew J.
★★★★★ I ordered this for friends of mine who are expecting in November. I wanted to get them something handmade. It looks great and very well made. I also liked the idea of supporting the women who make them. Thanks - Robert U.
★★★★★ I purchased this for a newborn baby girl. Its adorable! Knowing that a family is benefiting from these lovely blankets makes it all that more special. I will remember this site, always, and purchase any future gifts from Sheep Dreamzzz. Thank you. - Barbara W.
★★★★★ Love the blankets! I purchased them as gifts and the new Moms I gave them to also loved the blankets but more so were inspired by the story behind the ladies who made them. - Amy P.
★★★★★ My grandson loves his blanket! He actually rubs the sheep on his cheek because they are so soft. These are so well made and unlike what you can buy in a store. Well done! - Kathy N.
★★★★★ Quality of product is excellent. Very unique gift and I will buy again when every I have a baby gift need. - Annie C.
★★★★★ Someone gave me a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket after I had my third baby and it is, hands down, my favorite of all the baby blankets weve had. Its so soft and comfortable and I love that its a smaller size than traditional blankets which makes it great for the carseat. - Katie E.
★★★★★ The gift that is so much more - Gorgeous soft and cozy blankets that are very well made, thoughtfully wrapped, and bearing a personal note about the knitter. Steve and Sandy have been changing the lives of women in Nicaragua by giving them much needed training, skills, and employment. My daughter, who is expecting her first child, loved not only the gender neutral tones of the blanket and lovey that we chose for her, but also the fact that disadvantaged women were being helped to raise their own standard of living and that of their families. Beautiful gift that does so much more. I plan to buy more for the daughters of my friends. - Pam W.
★★★★★ These blankets are amazing. So soft and well-made I have purchased 2 so far and will continue to give as baby gifts great value. - Carla A.
★★★★★ They are so soft and beautifully made. I have purchased several in various colors, all were adorable. The last one was white with blue sheep, its one of my favorite color combinations. - Debbie M.
★★★★★ This was one of my favorite baby gifts. It's so beautiful, amazing quality, and our new baby LOVES it! Just the other day he pulled it up to his cheek and rubbed the little sheep against it. 🙂 Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful blanket! - Kelli M.
★★★★★ Very nice affordable blanket for the stroller. Perfect fit for the lamb theme. - Chris P.
★★★★★ Well made and adorable! Washed and dried like a dream. Arrived early, what more can I say? Thrilled! - Susan S.

Comfort Chunky (5 reviews)

This yarn from Berroco makes blanket with a feel very much like our original Angel yarn, perhaps even a bit softer. It's an equal mix of superfine acrylic and superfine nylon.

★★★★★ Sheep Blanket I love the sheep blanket - very well made - hand made items are the best! Steve went above and beyond to help me with the khaki color that I wanted. He is better than the best! Thank you from Berna - Berna M.
★★★★★ Blessings I love the blanket, softly, color and warm. I am very happy to help people in needs. God bless you: Steve and Sandy. - Nina H.
★★★★★ Cadet Blue Blankets We bought two of these for friends who are expecting baby boys. They were wonderfully made and extremely soft!! They were overjoyed when they received their blankets!! - Nabil C.
★★★★★ Theo’s Blanket I bought the blanket, lovey combo for my great nephew. This is what they said. “So he’s absolutely in love with this blanket…is there any way we can get another (like a backup)? - Mary S.‘
★★★★★ adorable! very happy and will buy again as a gift! - Lauren H.


Cotton Elegance (3 Reviews)

These blankets are made from Modern Cotton yarn from Berroco. It contains pima cotton which gives it a very elegant feel.

★★★★★ Beautiful color, beautiful drape! Thank you to you and the ladies that worked diligently to produce this beautiful blanket! The Elms Green color is the perfect color for Springtime and thoughts of birth and renewal. The yarn has a luxurious drape and feeling of elegance, while the sheep bring an air of whimsy. This blanket gives me much joy and I will definitely be a repeat customer to welcome the precious lives that will grace our family in the future! - Julie E.
★★★★★ So soft and perfect color! This beautiful Elms Green Sheep Dreamzzz blanket is the exact color of my Niece's nursery and she is over the moon excited to have it. She kept saying how soft and beautiful it is! - Stacy F.
★★★★★ There are not enough adjectives to rave about these sweet blankets. They are the perfect size for baby strollers and car seats and snuggling. The sheep are all carefully stitched in. The quality is spectacular…one blanket feeds a family for a week and takes a week to create. Please promote this awesome ministry. - Teresa V.

Custom Baby Blankets (3 Reviews)

We've made blankets that are customized in terms of both color and size. Learn more here.

★★★★★ All around wonderful experience! Hi! I have had soooo much fun buying this blanket!!! The whole process has been a pleasure from start to finish! I was able to easily customize my blanket to a bigger size with much communication with Steve and Sandy. They have been a joy to work with. Prompt in responses, communicating with me all through (with Covid there were delays etc.), very personable and very accommodating to my own personal needs in my order! They even sent me pictures of our blanket with the lovely woman who was knitting it for us!!! She did an amazing job! We absolutely LOVE the blanket!!! Its perfect and the color is perfect and the little sheep are so cute and soft, I couldnt stop touching them! Haha! We bought this for our 1st granddaughter who isnt born yet, so we havent given the blanket to our son and daughter in law, but are sure they will LOVE it too! We are probably going to make this a family tradition for each new grand baby!!! Thank you Steve, Sandy and Cruz! - Steve & Andrea H.
★★★★★ Beautiful and so special! The blanket turned out so beautifully and made for such a special and meaningful gift for my best friend who just welcomed a new baby girl. Sandy was so wonderful to work with too. Highly recommend!! - Laura W.
★★★★★ Our blanket is spectacular! Wonderful quality and the colors are just what we hoped! We ordered a custom-made one with colors of my husbands favorite Pro Football team. We bought this with the intention of it becoming a family heirloom and there is no doubt it will last a long time! The communication was great when ordering and during the time it was being made. We are so glad to support the women and their families. 100% recommend purchasing one for family, friends or for gifts. - Alayna H.

Gift Sets (6 Reviews)

Each gift set includes a blanket, a matching lovey, and a fluffy sheep doll. Most sets contain Luxe Ultrasoft blankets, meaning the blankets are very soft and lightweight.

★★★★★ The blanket set is awesome! Our friend really loved it! It is so soft and cuddly! Would highly recommend! - Richard G.
★★★★★ Beautiful baby blankets I love these beautiful baby blankets. This makes the second or third time I have ordered for friends. They make the perfect gift and are so lovely. Very well made, the knitting is awesome and the little sheep are precious. Thank you for selling these. They are awesome. It will go well with my hand knit sweaters etc. I highly recommend these blankets. They came ready to send in very nice packaging also. - Margaret T.
★★★★★ Lovely knitting, everyone was impressed at our shower - Christine V.
★★★★★ Absolutely Adorable I purchased the set for a baby shower. It was the hit of the party! The blanket and lovey are so soft and cuddly,and the baby lamb's precious! The parent's to-be loved it. They were especially touched by the card from the woman who made the set. These will be my gift of choice for every new baby in our family. - Margaret P.
★★★★★ Absolutely beautiful! What a lovely blanket set! I loved the little sheep blanket, and the story of the women, when I found it on line. I was so excited when it arrived, that although it was beautifully packaged for a gift, I had to feel it for myself. Such soft material, and the tiny babys blanket was heavenly soft on the back with so many other soft textures for the baby to explore. Highly recommended. - Pamela R.
★★★★★ Absolutely Beauutiful Blanket and Lovey Set - I am so impressed with this beautiful blanket set. Exactly as pictured. It was so meaningful to order this as it helps support the Nicaragua knitters and their families. I will be gifting this blanket set to my niece who is expecting her first baby girl. I know she will love it! I highly recommend to anyone who has a baby or is looking for a beautiful shower or a baby gift for someone else. Excellent quality! - Bonnie B.

Happy Baby (5 Reviews)

This was the first chunky cotton blend yarn that we tried once Angel was discontinued. We're still making some of these despite the discontinuation of  many colors and patterns.

★★★★★ It was a baby gift. I was happy to send it and the recipients loved it. - Susan B.
★★★★★ My girl sleeps with her Sheep Dreamzzz blanket every night!! So soft and so snuggly. Love that it helps women make a living! - Hannah F.
★★★★★ Absolutely lovely! - Roberta W.
★★★★★ Can’t wait to wrap our grandchild in it We bought the blanket that Steve recommended for our warmer climate in Florida. We met the women who knit the blankets and believe in supporting the cause. It’s good quality and well made. - Matt K.
★★★★★ I have now ordered two of these wonderful blankets for expectant / new moms and both were thrilled to receive them. One of the thank you notes expressed it perfectly, Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket. I also love the story behind the blanket and that by using it in our family, we are supporting another family. What an extra special gift! - Pamela S.

Loveys (11 Reviews)

Sheep Dreamzzz loveys are small, with lots of textures for a baby to explore.

★★★★★ My daughter is pregnant. Baby due in June, my first grandchild and I couldn't be happier. God Bless you. You do beautiful work. - Linda K.
★★★★★ Limey Lovey This little key lime lovey is the perfect size for little hands to nuzzle with. Love the white satiny trim and the white nubby fabric on the backside giving it different textures. This product is beautiful and such a sweet personal and different gift and the fact that it is made by the hands of gifted Nicaraguan women (whom it helps to support) is just the best. Customer service is exceptional and I couldn't recommend this company enough! - Kim W.
★★★★★ Perfect gifts I'm long past the babies of my own stage, but what fun to give these blankets as gifts. My daughter and I love to keep a few on hand for upcoming showers. I just gave two to new babies last week and the parents were so thrilled I've been getting photos of baby and blanket (which they say are so beautiful that they hate to put them to use...but they certainly will!). Supporting the women knitters warms my heart as much as a blanket would as well. I'm getting ready to order another one in just a minute. - Carolyn H.
★★★★★ Amazing Blankets These blankets and loveys are truly amazing! The quality and softness are unbeatable. And the fact that the money helps support the women in Nicaragua makes it even more special. I love the little sheep and the different textures especially on the loveys! You won't regret getting one of these for yourself or to give as a gift. Truly exquisite! - Debbie M.
★★★★★ My baby loves her pink lovey so much. She sleeps with it for every nap/bedtime! Theyre so soft & beautiful, really high quality. Great for everyday use but also so beautiful that I hope to save it for her to give to her own kiddos one day. - Hannah F.
★★★★★ Happy sheep! I bought this to save as a gift for any upcoming baby showers, but my grandson was in need of cheering up…so it is now his! He named the plush toy “Baa”! When I told him the lovey had “happy sheep” on it, he snuggled with it and said “Happy sheep!” Beautiful, soft, and excellent quality as usual! - Nancy D.
★★★★★ I love my white and blue lovey for my son. It is the perfect colors, especially living in the Tarheel state. These make perfect gifts too, Im sure to buy a few more for my friends having babies so they can share in the love that went into these being made as well as the love that it provides the little ones. - Natalie C.
★★★★★ Love the Lovey's! After getting rave reviews from my first Lovey baby shower gift, I ordered and gave another Lovey for a second gift. Both recipients *loved* their Lovey's! Such a unique and lovely blankie, and the note that comes with the gift - explaining how these help feed a family in the developing world - makes the gift that much more special. This is now my go-to baby gift! (BTW, I also had an email question about my gift - and it was personally answered within a few hours. Excellent customer service!) - Tricia N.
★★★★★ Lovely Lovey! I bought a beautiful blue lovey for a friend’s upcoming baby shower. It came quickly, in great shape, with the soft sheep toy attached. My friend is going to love knowing the gift helped a family in Nicaragua! - Kelly G.
★★★★★ Plush and Perfect I bought this for friend's baby shower and I was impressed with the softness! This is something that will grow and go with the child for many stages. Perfect for warm days when they may not want a whole blanket or they just want to nuzzle with the soft satin trim. Great quality! - Heidi A.
★★★★★ Sammie Mac's Blankeys The blankets are beautiful. They wash well and the customer service is great. They are a little small. I may get the bigger one next time. - Mary P.

Luxe Ultrasoft (12 Reviews)

These are super soft and lightweight blankets and are used in most of our gift sets as well.

★★★★★ Beautiful Quality Blankets  These blankets are so well made by women and not by machines. The quality, design, softness and packaging make this well worth the price which funds literal families. What a great gift! - Heidi A.
★★★★★ I recently purchased one of these blankets for a friend. The blanket is super soft, so adorable and very well made. I can hardly wait to give it. And the best part is the proceeds go directly to the lovely women in Nicaragua, who make the blankets, which helps to feed their family. So happy I was introduced to Sheep Dreamzzz. - Rhonda L.
★★★★★ Amazing product! I am very pleased with everything from the punctuality of the package that was sent to the intricate detailed knitting work done. As a gift for my first grandchild, it was a gift that will be appreciated for a long time! Thank you to all that were involved in producing this precious gift that is far more special than something bought at a big box store - Gregory F.
★★★★★ I purchased this blanket for our son and daughter-in-laws baby due the end of May. It is beautiful and skillfully made. It makes it even more special that it helps support a family in Nicaragua. - Carma K.
★★★★★ I received this blanket in vanilla as a baby gift. Im ordering a second Sheep Dreamzzz blanket today! I couldnt love it more, its so soft that every time I touch it Im saying I have to have a spare!! - Anna L.
★★★★★ This blanket is incredibly soft, lightweight and beautifully made. It was given as a baby shower gift and I love that it came with a card describing the mission behind the product. I have made three purchases from Sheep Dreamzzz beginning my stockpile for future grand babies! - Mary K.
★★★★★ Absolutely Beauutiful Blanket and Lovey Set I am so impressed with this beautiful blanket set. Exactly as pictured. It was so meaningful to order this as it helps support the Nicaragua knitters and their families. I will be gifting this blanket set to my niece who is expecting her first baby girl. I know she will love it! I highly recommend to anyone who has a baby or is looking for a beautiful shower or a baby gift for someone else. Excellent quality! - Bonnie B.
★★★★★ LOVE! I have ordered several of these perfectly made blankets- both pink and blue for new baby gifts. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL & PRECIOUS! - Leslie L.
★★★★★ Special gift for new granddaughter The packages are so precious. They make excellent gifts. So soft and great quality. - Carma K.
★★★★★ This has become my Grandma Tradition Steve and Sandy's work is inspiring as are my beautiful Granddaughters The first blanket went to my first grandchild and it was so beautiful and my Daughter loved it so much we decided to make this my tradition with each of her Children. My second granddaughter was born in April and so we ordered a blanket for her... it is so precious. The soft pink is beautifully done and Steve did the border and embroidered name for me as well. He even was willing to take care of my order while at a conference. His communication and Customer service is amazing. - Amanda P.
★★★★★ Perfect kids blankets My twin girls connected to the softness and cuddly feel of these special blankets. It’s interesting they have three different sets which were given by family and this one we got. Ever since we got our blankets that are hand made by amazing ladies in Nicaragua, they sleep with them. Grateful to God for being able to support such a great cause and happy our girls love them. The picture was taken on first day we gave it to them and never had they had hold on to blanket in hot Florida weather. - Jose S.
★★★★★ Wonderful! The blankets make amazing gifts! Shipment is quick and reliable. Great customer service. The recipients appreciate the precious blanket and are delighted to see the gift also benefits others. - Kim S.

Warm 'n Silky (5 Reviews)

This yarn has been discontinued. It was a washable wool blend that yielded a very soft and silky 25% wool blanket in a variety of beautiful colors.

★★★★★ Softest and cuddliest blanket ever!

This blanket is soft and well made. You can tell much thought was put into making this. It came in wrapped up so nicely and will last many years in our family. I highly recommend this blanket/shop. - Ryder B.

★★★★★ I have just received my order; I am at a loss for words how absolutely gorgeous this blanket is! I really wanted an unusual baby blanket, and this blanket is all that, so soft, the colors are so beautiful, and great workmanship and quality. I thank you! Your customer service is outstanding, and your promptness in getting my order out and delivered was superb! THANK YOU! - Susan H.
★★★★★ Very Happy with blanket, gave as gift. - Diane C.
★★★★★ Amazing comfort Great blankets. Bought 2 for my daughters due in September. Very soft and amazing quality. Thanks for beautiful workmanship. - Donald G.
★★★★★ I bought this blanket for a friends newborn. The Caribbean Sea color is vibrant and soft. Its excellent quality mom and baby are happy. Definitely recommend. - Jonathan A.
★★★★★ I purchased my blanket for my granddaughter. The colors were exactly the same as what I was planning on using to make my own blanket. With everything that goes on, I hardly got mine started. We love this blanket. - Birgit H.

Organic (3 Reviews)

We began with 90% organic (an even mix of organic cotton and organic wool) and now are making 100% organic cotton blankets. These are heavier blankets than most organic ones.

★★★★★ Wonderful Baby Gift! My daughter received the "Sheep Dreamzzz" baby blanket as a gift for my granddaughter; we love it! It is soft, beautiful, and the perfect stroller lap blanket. We are also happy to receive a gift that helps those in need. - Rana S.
★★★★★ Adorable I wanted to find a gift for a family member that is expecting their first born but also wanted to find a gift that would bring joy to someone else by a non-profit organization gift. I found your organization and I was thrilled to receive this beautiful blanket and knowing it is helping another family through your organization. Blanket is so very soft and made with great care! - Pamela H.
 ★★★★★ Perfect for Liam This blanket is for my great,great nephew, Liam. Perfect for a wee Irish lad. - Sheila R.

Gift Cards

★★★★★ The perfect gift made easy Definitely wanted to give a meaningful gift to friends with a newborn. But not exactly sure what their color or style would be, the gift card made it super easy and we received a bonus of 10%! When you have your choice to give gifts and spend money it's great to know that this is a gift that is magnified! - Keith D.

Other Reviews (6 Reviews)

These are about Sheep Dreamzzz in general or for a blanket made from a discontinued yarn or if we've lost sight of which blanket is referred to as we've changed ordering systems several times.

★★★★★ Adorable! - As if the blankets were not amazing enough, they come beautifully wrapped and ready for gift giving. I love that each includes a little info about the knitter. We sell these in my thrift shop and they are a big hit with grandparents! - Kim P.

★★★★★ These are beautiful handmade products which support a very worthy cause. I have bought 3 as gifts so far, and they have been very enthusiastically received. Strongly recommend as a newborn gift for those you love. - Catherine D.

★★★★★ Excellent quality - Having something handmade in these times is wonderful. The blanket arrived as scheduled and wrapped with care. The quality speaks of the care & intent with which it was made. - Melissa L.

★★★★★ Beautiful baby blankets - I love these beautiful baby blankets. This makes the second or third time I have ordered for friends. They make the perfect gift and are so lovely. Very well made, the knitting is awesome and the little sheep are precious. Thank you for selling these. They are awesome. It will go well with my hand knit sweaters etc. I highly recommend these blankets. They came ready to send in very nice packaging also. - Margaret T.

★★★★★ These blankets are so soft and the best gift for a baby shower! One can never have too many blankets and these have such special meaning plus they help families in need. I’m a fan!!! - Andrea R.

★★★★★ I love they are handmade with love and for a purpose. I plan to give mine as a baby gift. So beautiful and soft. Buying a baby blanket gives me the opportunity to be part of helping women help themselves❤️ Thank you!! - Loretta B.

★★★★★ Great blankets and wonderful cause! - Grace T.