Handmade Baby Blankets

Sheep Dreamzzz baby blankets are soft & breathable, plus every purchase helps feed a family in the developing world. Some shops give 10% to charity - we are a 501(c) (3) charity and 100% goes to the people we help.

  • Newborn wrapped in a eucalyptus blue organic handmade baby blanket from Sheep Dreamzzz. Each hand knitted baby blanket is super soft.

    Baby Blankets

    Each handmade baby blanket takes over a week to knit by an artisan who works to feed her family in Central America's most brutal economy. You'll see and learn about the woman who made your baby blanket!


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  • Luxury baby blanket gift set - vanilla with coffee-colored fluffy sheep

    Little Loveys

    Smaller and featuring lots of textures for baby to explore - the hand knitting, fluffy sheep, satin border, soft minky back, and a fluffy sheep doll. Pair a lovey with a blanket for a luxurious baby gift set (and save)!


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  • News interview about Sheep Dreamzzz handmade baby blankets - we give women in Nicaragua employment so they can feed their families. All proceeds go to them. We are not-for-profit.

    About Sheep Dreamzzz

    Learn about our non-profit mission to help women feed their families through employment in a great work environment. All proceeds go to them. We are a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization.


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Packaging for Sheep Dreamzzz handmade baby blankets, including cellophane wrapper with a ribbon and white boxes with and without a sheep doll.

Ready to Give

Every handmade baby blanket and lovey from Sheep Dreamzzz arrives ready to give. Standard packaging for blankets and loveys is a crisp, clear cellophane packet with a silky ribbon tied around it. There's a tag inside with the picture and story of the woman who made it, with care instructions on the back.

Our smaller lovey security blankets also have a clear packet with a silky ribbon.

Both blankets and loveys have box options, and if a fluffy sheep doll is part of your order, it will be under the ribbon as shown. Gift-boxed orders are shipped within another box to make sure there is no damage on the way to the final destination.

Sheep Dreamzzz has beautiful luxury baby blankets hand made for girls, for boys, and gender-neutral blankets, plus gift cards that allow the receiver to make the tough decisions.

Knitted baby blankets are inherently breathable baby blankets

Our loveys and sets come with a fluffy sheep doll which of course you can add to any blanket purchase in your cart.

So forget factory-made baby gifts that are given time after time and choose one of the beautiful handmade baby blankets for sale here. Make us your go-to source for a sheep baby blanket. It may just be the best baby blanket available!

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