Luxury Baby Blankets

Sheep Dreamzzz is known for quality handmade baby blankets. We offer a range of colors, patterns, and materials – from cotton to wool to organic.

Rather than being cut from rolls of faux fur and sewn together in a factory, ours are painstakingly crafted by women trained to be expert knitters by our non-profit in Nicaragua. They earn income to feed their families, while you receive a beautiful heirloom blanket that took a week or more to make.

“Someone gave me a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket after I had my third baby and it is, hands down, my favorite of all the baby blankets we’ve had.” – Katie (New York)  ★★★★★  see more reviews

All blankets roughly 24″ x 24″

Perfect for crib, car seat, or stroller

Personal note / Ships quickly

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