You’ll Our Knitted Baby Blankets

Sheep Dreamzzz handmade baby blankets are soft & beautiful, plus every purchase helps feed a family in the developing world. So please consider something that will be treasured for years to come and also makes a difference today.

How We are Unique

Cotton Elegance Baby Blankets
Soft and thick – $69
Lovey Security Blankets, One Flipped to Show Pebbled Minky Back
Lovey Security Blankets
Same handmade quality, more
textures at only $29
Vanilla Blanket/Lovey Set with Cafe Sheep
Luxury Sets
Lightweight blanket and lovey together with a free gift box – $89
Young girl draped in a beautiful lightweight pink handmade baby blanket
Lightweight Comfort Baby Blankets
Cotton blends that are light and airy – perfect for warmer weather or just a light cover – $69
Newborn Baby Girls Swaddled in an Orgnic-ish Sheep Dreamzzz Baby Blanket


Organic cotton & wool with just a touch of nylon for strength and durability. Super lightweight – $79

Snug under a super-soft wool-based knitted baby blanket

Cozy Soft Wool

Mostly 25-45% wool so not too warm. Still super-soft – $69

A knitted baby blanket from Sheep Dreamzzz is always a hit at a baby shower

Get an eGift Fast!

Receive a pdf certificate by email. Then let someone else choose the color! – $69 (blanket) or $29 (lovey)

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These are all photos (with babies) sent in by our customers. Most recent first, then older.

oops, he didn't get a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket