About Sheep Dreamzzz


Sandy and Steve Jacoby

In 2012, Steve and Sandy Jacoby moved to Nicaragua. They formed a charitable entity, Sheep Not Goats, and built a farm in a small town in order to provide work within the community. People in Nicaragua desperately need income to be able to feed their families.

After the birth of their first grandchild in 2017, Sandy began knitting in earnest and got the idea to teach women in Nicaragua to make baby blankets that could be sold elsewhere, returning all of the profits to the knitters.

For a good summary of what Sheep Dreamzzz is all about, watch this news interview:


Our name comes from Matthew 25 in the New Testament. Read that and you'll know why we're all about sheep, and you will understand why we're trying to help the poor in Nicaragua.

Steve and Sandy are semi-retired now but put a lot of time into Sheep Not Goats and Sheep Dreamzzz, while also managing a short-term rental property in Saint Augustine (their primary source of income - almost as highly rated as the baby blankets!). Recently, Steve launched a website and business creating and selling historical art for specific locations (beginning with Florida and Saint Augustine). These pieces are great for anyone interested in old maps and the like, including those looking to furnish their rental property with locally relevant pieces.