Luxury Baby Blankets

Search for "luxury baby blankets" and you'll mostly find professionally staged photos of blankets like those below.

These two cost $100 and $85, and despite being labeled "heirloom blankets," the first is cut from a roll of 100% polyester faux fur, essentially plastic. The other is machine-woven. Quick to produce and very profitable.

Other blankets called "luxury baby blankets" - the first is faux fur and the second is machine-woven

We prefer to define "luxury" as being 100% handmade, superb craftsmanship, and luxurious materials, in our case yarn. A Sheep Dreamzzz blanket takes a full week for one of our artisan knitters to make. No machine touches our blankets until the final tag is attached.

Quite unique compared to the factory-made alternatives.

Pure white luxury baby blanket with pink sheep.

 A hand-knitted luxury baby blanket with 24 fluffy sheep knitted in.

A pink Sheep Dreamzzz baby blanket in an image capture from the Netflix show Buying Beverly Hills

 Our blankets even appeared in an episode of Buying Beverly Hills on Netflix!


Luxury baby blanket gift set - vanilla with coffee-colored fluffy sheep

Pure luxury in a gender-neutral vanilla and coffee gift set. The lovey has many textures for baby to explore; the set includes a fluffy sheep doll.


Baby on a sofa holding a Cotton Elegance baby blanket in color "Coffee Milk"

Our Cotton Elegance blankets are 60% pima cotton with an incredibly elegant, luxurious feel.