Luxury Baby Blankets

Handmade Luxury

Search for "luxury baby blankets" and you'll find really nice, professionally staged photos of babies and toddlers with their factory-made blankets. Just like those below. Look carefully - the first is knitted by a machine, and the other two are machine-made from fabrics cut from a roll, one with a polyester binding (border) sewn on by machine.


Instead, we focus on handmade quality for Sheep Dreamzzz luxury baby blankets. Each of our blankets is knitted by hand over the course of 5-10 days, depending on the knitter. Every stitch is carefully placed to exacting standards by true artisans, and a machine never touches our blankets until the final Sheep Dreamzzz tag is added.

 Here's one of our hand-knitted luxury baby blankets with pink, purple, and turquoise. The fluffy sheep are knitted right in to the blanket.


Sheep Dreamzzz knitter Rosa working on a yellow blanket

To top it all off, we are not-for-profit. Our knitters work in the poorest country in Central America where there are practically no jobs. Our 10 or so ladies meet 5 days a week in the living room of the small house we built on our farm in a poor rural area of Nicaragua. No machines; no factory either. And every sale empowers a woman to feed her family.

This is Rosa. She's our oldest knitter and used to sew for a living but here eyes failed and knitting worked for her. meet all of our knitters

Some charity-minded retailers give 10% of charity. For us it's 100%. Nothing from the sale of a Sheep Dreamzzz luxury baby blanket goes to North American salaries or operations.

Add all of this up, and you get something truly unique - the chance to make a difference while getting a handmade blanket of superior quality. Not the same old blanket off the shelf at Target or on the doorstep from Amazon and already given thousands of times before.

Here are some more of our finest luxury baby blankets, lovey security blankets, and sets:

Luxury baby blanket gift set - vanilla with coffee-colored fluffy sheep

A vanilla and coffee blanket and lovey, also offered as a set. Loveys feature multiple textures for baby to explore - the knitted face, fluffy sheep, silky border, and super-soft minky back.


Sheep Dreamzzz luxury baby blankets come nicely packaged in a variety of ways

Every Sheep Dreamzzz blanket arrives nicely packaged and ready to give. Among the options are gift boxes, and whether or not you choose a box, we tie on a silky ribbon and include a photo card of the woman who made your blanket and a bit about her. learn more


A very soft lavender luxury baby blanket in the loving arms of one of our granddaughters

Lavender is a very popular color right now, and this lightweight cotton-based blanket is among our softest and more luxurious.


A gray Sheep Dreamzzz luxury baby blanket with pink sheep

Look at all the knitted stitches here - every one carefully placed by hand!

Concerned about breathability in a baby blanket? That's good, and you should consider a knitted blanket for that very reason. learn more