Buying Beverly Hills + Sheep Dreamzzz

Not long ago, friends of our children spotted a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket on the Netflix reality show Buying Beverly Hills. We investigated and found realtor Allie Lutz pushing a stroller with a pink Sheep Dreamzzz blanket at the 10:20 mark of Episode 5, Farrahween.

 Allie Lutz with a perfectly soft, hand-knit blanket from Sheep Dreamzzz

A couple of days later someone bought a blanket and said she saw it on the show, so we're doing what we can to share about Sheep Dreamzzz with the BBH audience. All profits go to the women in Nicaragua who knit the blankets!

To watch the video segment on YouTube, click the image above.

If you know the show but haven't a clue about Sheep Dreamzzz, our 501(c) (3) non-profit works to help the poor in Nicaragua and trained a small group of women to knit beautiful handmade baby blankets and loveys that we sell at They receive all the profit from their work. That's right - 100% to them so they can feed their families in Central America's worst economy.

Allie's pink blanket was made from our original Angel yarn from Fair Isle, which is now out of business so we can't get more of it. But we still have plenty of pink blankets made from other yarns. You can easily spot them among all of our blanket in traditional girl colors.

Hand-knitted baby blankets are inherently breathable. Each one takes a week or more to make. No machine touches your blanket until we sew on the final label. Our knitters work in the living room of the small house we built on our farm in Nicaragua (another part of our charitable work). They work together, talk, and listen to music in comfortable chairs with fans overhead.

Sheep Dreamzzz knitters working on our living room in Nicaragua

When you purchase from Sheep Dreamzzz, you're helping a woman who wants to earn money by the work of her hands and not take handouts. Each blanket includes a tag telling you who made it and a little about her.

Another good way to get the Sheep Dreamzzz story is to watch the following news interview:

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Buying Beverly Hills follows the agents working at The Agency, a real estate firm based in Beverly Hills run and owned by Mauricio Umansky, who happens to be the husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Kyle Richards. At The Agency, Mauricio is joined by his daughters Farrah and Alexia, as well as their team of successful and entrepreneurial realtors.