Collection: Breathable Baby Blankets

There's growing interest in baby blankets that are breathable. It makes sense to reduce the chance of impaired breathing if baby gets wrapped up in a blanket. Some say not to use a blanket (or any bedding material) before 12 months, but others see that as extreme and instead opt for breathable baby blankets.

Another term is cellular baby blanket, defined on one site as follows:

A cellular blanket is a lightweight cotton blanket which contains lots of small holes, or cells. These holes are essential for maintaining airflow and helping to keep baby at the right temperature unlike tightly woven thick blankets which may cause overheating.

To us the point isn't whether or not it's made of cotton, but that it is lightweight and breathable. In fact:

A hand-knitted blanket is just as breathable as a cotton-based cellular blanket.

Think about the knitted hats and scarves you've worn - perhaps made by your grandmother. As you can see in the image here, there is space between each strand of yarn, and even more so when it is stretched a little - plenty of space for air to pass. It's simply the result of knitting something by hand.

Closeup of cells in a hand-knitted blanket, a very breathable baby blanket (cellular blanket)

Many of our knitted blankets are cotton-based, so they are essentially cellular cotton blankets. But here's how we're different: the baby blanket world revolves around factory-made fabrics that are cut from rolls to make baby blankets. We're just not into that.

Sheep Dreamzzz blankets are about the width of a standard crib. Larger isn't always better, since a big blanket will get bunched up in a crib. Great for lying on the floor, but not for your baby's sleep time.

If breathability is a top concern of yours, consider a lightweight knitted baby blanket. Here are our some of our most breathable baby blankets: