Collection: Best Baby Gift ?

You've probably seen "Best Baby Gift" lists online. Those are pure marketing. Vendors pay to be included and the sites almost always make money when you click an item and buy it.

Sheep Dreamzzz Baby Blankets are different. Please give us just a minute to tell you how.

Not for Profit

Sheep Dreamzzz is part of Sheep Not Goats, a tax-exempt charitable organization that exists to help poor families through work. We give them a hand up, not a handout. Buy from us and you become part of that.

Seriously Handmade

When we say "handmade," we mean it! Each knitted stitch is placed by the hands of one of the 10 women we trained to knit in Central America's poorest country. You will instantly appreciate the quality and amount of work these artisans invest into each blanket.

No Machines or Factories

Almost all baby blankets come from factories, mostly in China. Materials are mass-produced into huge rolls, then they are cut into blanket shapes, after which a satin border may or may not be added by machine.

At Sheep Dreamzzz, no machines are involved in making our blankets. Energy use is practically nil. Our knitters work in the living room of our farmhouse in a small, rural town in Nicaragua. Not only do we know them individually, each blanket includes a tag with the picture and story of the woman who made your blanket.

The Sheep Dreamzzz "factory" - a living room

Breathable Blankets

Faux fur, chenille, sherpa, and minky are marketing terms for blankets made from polyester. Polyester is a form of plastic and these blankets are not very breathable.

Our blankets are mostly cotton or wool blends. We also have 100% cotton blankets, including organic. Hand knitting produces lots of little holes that make our blankets breathable.

Give Sheep Dreamzzz a Try

Let's leave it at this: Sheep Dreamzzz blankets are beautiful, they're unique (nobody else will be giving the same thing), and it's a good cause that helps others. Isn't that a combination worth considering?

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