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an elegant pastel yellow

Handmade Lovey Blanket - Lemon Chiffon

Handmade Lovey Blanket - Lemon Chiffon

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a piece of lemon chiffon pie, similar in color to this pastel yellow baby lovey

This lovey blanket is an elegant pastel yellow, like the tasty pie shown here. It has many textures for baby to explore, including the knitted face, four fluffy sheep, the soft minky back, and a satin border.

The smaller size makes it something a baby or toddler can carry (or drag) around easily without tripping over it, and in the crib it's not going to get wrapped around a baby's head.

Our lovey security blankets are made by the same women who knit our full-size blankets. They work to feed their families in Central America's poorest country and receive all of the profits.

Get this lovey with a matching blanket in a gift set and save 10%.  see our sets

Size: 14-15" square
Primary Yarn Fiber Content: 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
machine wash warm, tumble dry (low heat), no bleach, no iron
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Customer Reviews

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Perfect gifts

I'm long past the babies of my own stage, but what fun to give these blankets as gifts. My daughter and I love to keep a few on hand for upcoming showers. I just gave two to new babies last week and the parents were so thrilled I've been getting photos of baby and blanket (which they say are so beautiful that they hate to put them to use...but they certainly will!). Supporting the women knitters warms my heart as much as a blanket would as well. I'm getting ready to order another one in just a minute.

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★★★★★ Limey Lovey This little key lime lovey is the perfect size for little hands to nuzzle with. Love the white satiny trim and the white nubby fabric on the backside giving it different textures. This product is beautiful and such a sweet personal and different gift and the fact that it is made by the hands of gifted Nicaraguan women (whom it helps to support) is just the best. Customer service is exceptional and I couldn't recommend this company enough!

★★★★★ Sammie Mac's Blankeys The blankets are beautiful. They wash well and the customer service is great. They are a little small. I may get the bigger one next time.

★★★★★ I love my white and blue lovey for my son. It is the perfect colors, especially living in the Tarheel state. These make perfect gifts too, Im sure to buy a few more for my friends having babies so they can share in the love that went into these being made as well as the love that it provides the little ones.

★★★★★ Love the Lovey's! After getting rave reviews from my first Lovey baby shower gift, I ordered and gave another Lovey for a second gift. Both recipients *loved* their Lovey's! Such a unique and lovely blankie, and the note that comes with the gift - explaining how these help feed a family in the developing world - makes the gift that much more special. This is now my go-to baby gift! (BTW, I also had an email question about my gift - and it was personally answered within a few hours. Excellent customer service!)

★★★★★ Lovely Lovey! I bought a beautiful blue lovey for a friend’s upcoming baby shower. It came quickly, in great shape, with the soft sheep toy attached. My friend is going to love knowing the gift helped a family in Nicaragua!

★★★★★ Plush and Perfect I bought this for friend's baby shower and I was impressed with the softness! This is something that will grow and go with the child for many stages. Perfect for warm days when they may not want a whole blanket or they just want to nuzzle with the soft satin trim. Great quality!