Why Sheep Dreamzzz?

Why buy from Sheep Dreamzzz when there are so many other options? We'll try to keep this brief. Consider the following:

  1. Handmade vs. factory-made in China
  2. Helping the poor
  3. Excellent quality
  4. Great reviews - still not one below 5/5 stars
  5. Little (really no) energy used for production
  6. We tell you who made your blanket (with a photo)
  7. Great customer service. If there's an issue we take care of it.
  8. Custom options (try getting Little Giraffe to make you a custom blanket!)
  9. 100% organic options
  10. Unique - not what anyone else will be giving to that new baby

Back to #2 - You probably like to help others in need, especially those who want to work and not just receive handouts. When you buy from Sheep Dreamzzz, that is exactly what you accomplish (apart from receiving a great handmade baby gift). We know it's not a formal, tax-deductible donation, but in terms of helping it has the same impact. You see, we've already bought the yarn, paid the knitter, and transported everything, so most of what you pay for a blanket goes to our bottom line just like a donation (most because we still have to package and ship). And none of that money is going to administrative salaries because we do this work as our personal way of helping the poor. Others may make a big deal about giving 10% to charity. We are a charitable organization and our goal is not a profit for ourselves but to give us much as possible to our little group of 10 women knitting to feed their families in a small, rural town in Nicaragua! So please give Sheep Dreamzzz a try!