A Great Toddler Blanket

We call ourselves Sheep Dreamzzz Baby Blankets but so many of our beautiful handmade blankets are loved by toddlers!

Each blanket is 100% handmade - no factories, no machines. They're hand-knitted by women we as a non-profit trained in Central America's poorest country. When you give one of our blankets it helps Brenda, Cruz, Eva, or one of 8 other knitters to feed her family for a week!

Blonde toddler girl hugging her lavender Sheep Dreamzzz kids baby blanket.


Toddler Blanket Size

Four-year-old holding tight to her multicolor Sheep Dreamzzz kids blanket.

Our toddler blanket size is 25 inches by 25 inches. They're for snuggling and carrying around the house without tripping over them.

Each blanket features 24 fluffy sheep that are knitted right in to the blanket as it is built. Babies and kids alike love to feel them with their fingers and against their cheeks.








Out of the House

Ours is a kid blanket that is also perfect for the car seat or stroller. The little girls below each received the same lightweight, cotton-based kids blanket. So no matter which one is near at hand, it's the one she's looking for!

Twin girls sleeping under their matching toddler blankets from Sheep Dreamzzz.

Color Options

Sheep Dreamzzz kid blankets come in girl colors, boy colors and gender-neutral colors, which of course can work for any child. Use the color swatches on our main page to quickly see all of the options. 

Not sure which color to buy? Consider a gift card! That way the parents can choose both the color and yarn type (cotton, wool, other) for themselves.