Empowering Women

Women empowerment often has to do with rights, jobs, voting, and the like. But in a very poor place like Nicaragua women care most about being able to feed their families, the majority of which are headed by women. With money in their hands they are empowered to make important decisions in matters of survival in Central America's poorest country.

Sheep Dreamzzz has about 10 women knitting our baby blankets. All are the principal providers for their families in the small, rural Nicaraguan town where they work. There's no need to wonder what percentage of profits they receive because the fact is they get it all. We do not donate just a portion to a cause.

Sandy Jacoby is our founder and on-site management of our knitting operation is run by Maria, who also handles all of the finances of our non-profit in Nicaragua.

Sheep Dreamzzz knitters and founder Sandy Jacoby, who is empowering women through employement. Women empowering women.
Maria on the left, Sandy on the right, Brenda & Carla at Center

Women are paid on Friday if they finished a blanket that week. There is no pressure on them and they work in great conditions in our living room, seated on couches and in rocking chairs, with fans overhead and music playing if they wish.

Sheep Dreamzzz knitters working together to finish a blanket. Income from knitting makes them women empowered to survive in Nicaragua.

Often they help each other out so that as many as possible finish a blanket by Friday. Women helping women. Some can finish a blanket each week, while others need an extra day or two.

In this photo Brenda and Carla are working together to add the faces and feet to the blue sheep on a white blanket.

They receive not just income but also the dignity that comes with earning through the work of their hands. This is far different from the common approach of handing out food items or clothing.

Each blanket includes a card that shows who made it and tells a little bit about her. Here are two of them. See all of them here.

Sheep Dreamzzz blanket knitter Argentina, who is now a woman empowered to meet the needs of her family. Sheep Dreamzzz blanket knitter Shary.

What We Ask

Just this: the next time you need a baby gift Remember Sheep Dreamzzz! You'll get what you need and help a great woman-led and woman-helping cause at the same time.

Almost everyone needs to give a baby gift from time to time. Most of them, including baby blankets, come from overseas factories chosen for maximum production at minimum cost. They consume a lot of energy and are not handmade. Profit is the main goal.

Not so for us. We're a 501(c) (3) charitable organization that exists to help people through jobs. Most of them are women (we also have a small farm).

When you purchase a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket, you empower a woman to feed her family for a week. The quality is excellent and you'll feel great about both the blanket and the cause.