Collection: Warm Baby Blankets

Looking for a soft, warm baby blanket for the cooler months? Or just something that will keep your little one snug and warm anywhere it's chilly?

Sheep Dreamzzz offers very nice, warm blankets that are all hand-knitted. Some contain wool, but not all of them. And except for the organic ones, they are all totally safe in the washer.

Little girl hugging here Snug as a Bug wool-based blanket from Sheep Dreamzzz, one of the best baby blankets for winter you can find.

This blanket contains 40% wool and is available is a number of colors. Others have wool content ranging from 10% up to 45%.

The blanket above contains wool, but we also have thicker non-wool blankets that will keep baby plenty warm. Everything below contains wool, but you should also check out our Angel Soft and Comfort Chunky blankets. They're heavier blankets that don't contain any wool. Here's an example:

Baby boy with an olive gold Comfort Chunky warm baby blanket.
Olive Gold Comfort Chunky warm blanket for a baby boy.