Why the Sheep?

Six years before Sheep Dreamzzz began, we started our 501(c) (3) non-profit Sheep Not Goats and moved to Nicaragua to help the poor. That name was chosen based on Jesus' teachings in Matthew 25 (the parable of the sheep and the goats), which calls Christians to help others in tangible ways.

We chose to focus on providing income opportunities so people could earn money through the work of their hands and use it as they see fit according to the needs of their families. We built a farm and also came up with the idea to help women by selling baby blankets that they would knit (once we taught them).

We stuck with the sheep theme, helped along by the fact that Sandy got the idea after knitting a similar blanket with sheep for our first granddaughter.

Three pink fluffy sheep on a knitted gray background
The sheep are knitted into the blanket using a technique called intarsia. Children like to touch them with their fingers and feel them against their cheeks. We can make a blanket without sheep at no extra cost upon request.

When you give a blanket from Sheep Dreamzzz, you take part in our mission to help the poor by enabling them to work. It's a gift that gives back in a big way.

★★★★★ This was one of my favorite baby gifts. It's so beautiful, amazing quality, and our new baby LOVES it! Just the other day he pulled it up to his cheek and rubbed the little sheep against it. Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful blanket!