Handmade Organic Baby Blankets

We'll get straight to the point and tell you what's unique about our handmade organic baby blankets. They're knitted by the 10 or so artisan women our non-profit has trained to knit in Central America's poorest country. They knit to feed their families. Buy from us, and you help a poor family.

You won't find organic muslin or machine-knitted blankets at Sheep Dreamzzz. We've bypassed the factory environment altogether. A blanket from us comes from our living room in Nicaragua! It takes a full week to knit and we even show you who made it.

Closue-up of an 100% organic cotton baby blanket from Sheep Dreamzzz

Here's a closeup of an organic cotton baby blanket in Cadet Blue. It has lots of texture and a good solid weight due to the chunky yarn and is soft to the touch.

Giving a Sheep Dreamzzz organic blanket is a unique opportunity to not only express your commitment to organic goods but also to helping people in need. We're part of Sheep Not Goats, a 501(c) (3) non-profit that only exists to give work to people in need.

Every fiber of a Sheep Dreamzzz organic baby blanket is organic cotton, and because the 24 sheep on our blankets is in a way our signature, there are 3 different organic cotton yarns involved:

Sheep Dreamzzz chunky cotton organic baby blankets

Here's our full spread of chunky-weight 100% cotton organic baby blankets (as of March 2023).

There's one more! This one is made from 100% organic cotton that is free of chemical dyes. The yarn is worsted weight, meaning it is lighter than the others. The sheep appear in relief on the blanket, like the images on a coin.

We made this one specifically for someone who is very particular about (or allergic to) dyes. We've used this yarn before with gray sheep (same yarn as the gray blanket above) and will make more in the future. See the picture of it at the bottom of this page.