Etsy Baby Blankets

Sheep Dreamzzz Baby Blankets is not-for-profit and Etsy baby blankets is something we used to do. As part of a 501(c) (3) charitable entity, we trained a small group of women in the poorest country in Central America to knit baby blankets and loveys so they can feed their families. All of the profits stay with them.

History with Etsy

Sheep Dreamzzz used to sell on Etsy, in fact you can find our store there, permanently on vacation. While Etsy has tons of handmade items, it's not a good fit for us as a non-profit because it is very hard for people to find you unless they pay extra money to Etsy "placement" in search results. So we left.

People are on Etsy because it's easy to set up a shop and they will collect the money for you. But we already had an online store.

Sheep Dreamzzz Baby Blankets, not on Etsy
Our blankets are soft and beautiful and come in many colors.

Two Nicaraguan women finishing up a handmade blanket - not an Etsy baby blanket
As with many Etsy baby blankets, ours are handmade. But in our case that means every last stitch. Look at most blankets online and you'll see they are cut from a factory-made fabric roll before some kind of border is sewn on.

One of our smaller loveys with many textures for baby to explore: the hand-knitted face, soft minky back, silky border, fluffy sheep. And it comes with a fluffy sheep doll as well.

When you purchase a baby blanket at, you feed a family for a week!

Read Our Reviews

In case you have any doubts about handmade items that are not on Etsy, just read our reviews. You can see them on each product, or open this page from our reviews app partner - it displays all of our reviews and shows that we've published 100% of our verified reviews (all 5 stars, by the way).

Some shops only publish favorable reviews or even hide reviews below a certain rating. We don't!


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