Christians Helping the Poor

Christians should have a heart to help the poor and then to do it.

Christians Helping the Poor

The parable of the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25 makes this clear and goes so far as to say that feeding and clothing the poor is recognized as service to God himself.

Sheep Dreamzzz Baby Blankets is a ministry of Sheep Not Goats, a 501(c) (3) charitable organization founded by Steve and Sandy Jacoby, a Florida couple working in Nicaragua to enable people to care for their families through income opportunities.

We built a farm, but since you are on the Sheep Dreamzzz web site, let's focus there. Sandy has trained a small group of women, all the primary providers for their homes, to knit the beautiful baby blankets that you see on this site. The women receive all of the earnings - nothing goes to anybody else once we've paid the expenses of yarn and other things like this web site.

Christians Helping the Poor

Read about all of the women here. They meet in our home in a small rural town in Nicaragua five mornings a week, working together so that as many as possible finish a blanket each week.

Many people help the poor through donations to one non-profit or another. While we are open to that and accept donations here for Sheep Not Goats, another way to help is to buy a Sheep Dreamzzz baby blanket. You won't receive a tax deduction, but you will be helping to feed a family in Central America's poorest country.

A gift that really makes a difference. So the next time you need to give a baby gift, please remember Sheep Dreamzzz. You can even give a gift card and let someone else do the hard work of choosing from our vast selection.

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