This page offers recommendations about cleaning and drying of Sheep Dreamzzz blankets. In all cases this is based upon the recommendations laid out by the yarn manufacturers. Both they and we err on the side of caution, especially with regard to dryer heat.

First, let’s define the symbols that you may see on our care labels. There is inconsistency between symbol lists on the Internet, so we’ll focus on the symbols that we have used. There may not be a care label if we were trying out a new yarn when we made your blanket, and early on we were still learning about this area. That’s why we provide other ways to figure out how to care for your Sheep Dreamzzz blanket.

The images above may be enough for you. If not, figure out which category below is the best fit for your blanket and read the instructions below. It is always safer to err on the side of, shall we say, “gentleness.” For example, we would never suggest putting in a blanket in the dryer with high heat, even if the manufacturer did not forbid it. And feel free to contact us if you are unsure. We remember all of the blankets that we’ve made!

Close-up of some super-soft Sheep Dreamzzz blankets
Cotton Elegance

These are the original Sheep Dreamzzz blankets, made of yarn that is mostly cotton which produces a soft blanket with a good weight to it. Most have nylon and polyester also, but some have acrylic as the synthetic component. These are not lightweight blankets and there’s no wool involved.

Care: Machine Wash: gentle (cold or cool water with no bleach), Dry Flat or Tumble Dry (low or no heat). OK to dry clean but do not iron.

Vanilla Super Lightweight Baby Blanket
Lightweight Comfort

These are all lighter-weight blankets, all cotton-based with acrylic. Some have a full 60% cotton and are a bit less soft & fluffy than the others.

Care: Machine Wash: gentle (cold or cool water with no bleach), Dry Flat or Tumble Dry (low or no heat). OK to dry clean but do not iron.

Tan and Cream Baby Blanket
Cozy Softness

These blankets are all wool-based. Those made with multicolor yarn (like the one in the picture) are wool and acrylic. Most solids have a little bit of nylon mixed in as well.

Care: Machine Wash: gentle (cold or cool water with no bleach). Tumble dry on low or no heat or you can dry flat under a ceiling fan. Do not dry clean. Do not iron.


We’ve made some all-wool organic blankets and some with 45% organic wool, 45% organic cotton plus 10% nylon (for strength). All such blankets should be considered very delicate due to the substantial wool content. Yarn manufacturer recommendation is to wash by hand, no bleach, no dryer. However your blanket has been washed once on a cold-water gentle cycle, then tumbled with no (or virtually no) heat until somewhat dry, then laid flat to dry with a ceiling fan running overhead. During this final drying process you can manually help the blanket recover its original shape. Alternatively, you should be able to leave it in the no-heat dryer until completely dry if you don’t mind using the electricity.

The yarn manufacturer does not say anything about dry cleaning, but it is probably fine if you explain to a skilled cleaner exactly what your blanket is made of. Dry cleaners deal with wool items all the time. This may be the best option to recover the original shape.

Team Blankets

Many of these have a solid center and border of a different color, like the Green Bay Packers blanket shown. Those are made from the same wool as the solid Cozy Soft Wool blankets. Follow the Cozy Soft Wool guidelines.

We’ve made a few cotton-based blankets with 60% cotton yarn, including Jacksonville Jaguars (be careful, there are also wool ones) and a solid orange Tennessee Volunteers blanket. Follow instructions for Lightweight Comfort blankets.

Lovey Security Blankets, One Flipped to Show Pebbled Minky Back

These are made from the same yarn as our Lightweight Comfort blankets, so care instructions are the same, although we would be even a little more cautious of much heat due to the satin border.

Care: Machine Wash: gentle (cold or cool water with no bleach), Dry Flat or Tumble Dry (low or no heat). OK to dry clean but do not iron.

Finally, we have had great success using fabric softener such as Downy. In fact, almost every blanket we make gets machine washed with Tide and Downy once by us to make it extra soft and sweet-smelling.

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Aura putting the finishing touches on a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket