How Sheep Dreamzzz Baby Blankets are Unique

Brenda and Carla are both disciples today and Sheep Dreamzzz knitters

100% Handmade

Each Sheep Dreamzzz blanket is knitted by hand over the course of a week or more.


We have nothing against ethical for-profit businesses, but we are a 501(c) (3) charitable organization that has been helping the poor in Central America’s poorest country for over 7 years. Through Sheep Dreamzzz, we’ve provided our small group of knitters a means of feeding their families. So if helping others through your purchases appeals to you, please give us a try. news segment

Pastel Yellow Featherlight Handmade Baby Blanket


Many “luxury” blankets consist of two “microfiber” cut-outs sewn together back-to-back, with a satin border added around the edges – all stuff bought in bulk. Fast assembly and big profits. Our blankets use quality cotton- or wool-based yarn, every stitch from the hands of a woman we know personally and who depends on a quality result to feed her family.

Rosa, our oldest knitter, working on a blanket


Our knitters make the same blankets over and over (sometimes changing colors) and have become VERY good at what they do. Here’s a recent customer reaction:

I have just received my order; I am at a loss for words how absolutely gorgeous this blanket is! I really wanted an unusual baby blanket, and this blanket is all that, so soft, the colors are so beautiful, and great workmanship and quality. – Susan from Illinois, May 22, 2020

Not from a Factory

Aura here is working on a blanket in our home in Nicaragua. The women we’ve trained work in the house we live in when we’re in Nicaragua. It’s a safe, clean, smoke-free environment where they knit, talk, and listen to music. They help each other so as many as possible get paid for a completed blanket each week.

A happy baby sitting with her gray Sheep Dreamzzz blanket

In Summary – A Unique Gift

You won’t have to worry about giving a unique gift. Handmade, excellent quality, and helping others – a great combination that will show you took great care in selecting something that will be treasured for years to come. Every blanket comes with a color photo card which tells about how the women and their families have been helped. packaging    best baby gift

“These blankets are incredibly soft & plush. You can tell by looking at them that incredible time & care is put into each one. They are a lovely, timeless gift for any newborn. The thought that each purchase also contributes to giving women the ability to provide for their families is a heart-warming addition to the gift.” – Rebecca (Florida)  ★★★★★

Here’s the photo card attached (by ribbon) to every blanket that we ship. This pretty much sums it all up!

Baby Blanket Selection Criteria

Comparisons with a Few High-End Blankets