Sheep Not Goats is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization that works to help the poor in Nicaragua through employment, food & medical assistance, and other forms of help as needs arise. Sheep Dreamzzz is part of what we do (see below). We are a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Florida. Here’s what we do. Donation options are at the bottom of the page.


We built a small farm in a very poor town called Malpaisillo in Nicaragua. We mainly grow guayaba (guava), pitahaya (dragon fruit), and tilapia. Our workers run the farm.

We also employed many people in building it from an empty corner of a large field. There’s a 150-ft-deep well and much of our energy comes from solar panels.

Food Assistance

For several years we’ve hosted a hot breakfast for 20+ senior citizens of the community. During COVID this has shifted to home delivery. We pay our workers who take extra time to purchase and prepare the food and to set up and clean up. We also pay the fares for the majority who can’t walk and need to take a bicycle taxi.

This is not only a time of receiving food, coffee, and a vitamin, but also for all of us to socialize and see how each person is doing.

Sheep Dreamzzz

This is a self-sustaining initiative where we’ve taught local women to knit beautiful baby blankets and loveys, most of which we sell on this site (see here).

The women knit inside our home, mostly in our living room on couches and rocking chairs. They talk, listen to music, and work together to ensure that as many as possible finish a blanket every week.

We track the financials of the Sheep Dreamzzz business carefully to make sure we pay the ladies as much as possible. With more sales we definitely want to give them more hours and opportunities to earn.

Medical Assistance

We watch for medical needs among our workers, and are open to helping with other situations in the community. Mostly it’s the poverty that leads people not to seek out quality care (something quite different from the public health system) or to purchase medicines they’ve been told to use. At times we loop in specialists in the US to take advantage of their expertise.

If we don’t have donation money already earmarked for medical use, we often put our a call for support for a specific person.

Christmas for Kids

When we can, we’ve sent some of the workers to a nearby town to buy Christmas gifts to hand out to children in town. Most kids in Malpaisillo don’t receive Christmas presents; a family is happy just to have a nice dinner on Christmas Eve!

Donate Here

Below is a list of individual gifts you can make with a specific purpose. Below that you can make those selections. Most people choose the “Wherever Needed” option.

We also provide a way for you to become a monthly donor and have a fixed amount contributed each month from your credit card or PayPal account. Please support and become part of our work!

Donation AreaAmountWhat Will Happen
Food Assistance$15This money will be provided to a specific family, helping them with their food budget within a single week.
Medical Support$30This helps someone to visit a trusted private clinic and/or pay for needed medicines and examinations.
Senior Breakfasts$30A Thursday morning breakfast for 25 senior citizens will be fully funded, including food, vitamins, and transportation.
Sheep Dreamzzz (knitting project)$10Your donation here will be used to boost the pay of the women who knit for us. Bottom line, you will be helping their families with soaring food expenses.
Dirt-to-Tile (1 house)$800Many people, including some of our workers and knitters, live in homes with dirt floors. This pays for laying concrete in one house, plus tile, benefitting not only the recipient but the people we’ll hire to do the work.
Christmas 4 Kids$10Your gift here will literally translate into gifts for children around Christmas time, bought and distributed by our workers.

One-Time Donation (from PayPal account or credit card)


Where to Apply:

Set Up Monthly Donations (applied where needed most)

If you wish to give by other means, for example by check, please contact us for the best address to use as we are often away from the US.

Need to update the credit card or bank account that PayPal uses to fund your donations? Log in to PayPal and look for the “Wallet” link – that’s where this is set up.