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General Reviews

Loretta B – Indianapolis, IN
I love they are handmade with love and for a purpose. I plan to give mine as a baby gift. So beautiful and soft. Buying a baby blanket gives me the opportunity to be part of helping women help themselves❤️ Thank you!! ★★★★★

Jim C – Birmingham, AL
Great product and very worthy cause. This cause is like unto “give a man a fish and he eats for a day but teach a man how to fish and he eats everyday.” ★★★★★

Debbie M – Jacksonville, FL
They are so soft and beautifully made. I have purchased several in various colors, all were adorable. The last one was white with blue sheep, it’s one of my favorite color combinations. ★★★★★

Andrea R – Jacksonville, FL
These blankets are so soft and the best gift for a baby shower! One can never have too many blankets and these have such special meaning plus they help families in need. I’m a fan!!! ★★★★★

Grace T – South Florida
Great blankets and wonderful cause! ★★★★★

Cotton Elegance Baby Blankets

Natalie C – Wilmington, NC (vanilla & blue lovey)
I absolutely love my Sheep Dreamzzz blanket and lovey for my son. I was so enamored I have bought 4 more for friends as gifts for their little ones. I am also pleased that this business is connected with advancing skill sets in underprivileged areas and they are helping locals both professionally and personally. It makes these blankets all the more special. ★★★★★

Bonnie C – St. Petersburg, FL (salmon pink w/embroidery)
I gifted a blanket to my niece for her baptism. I had emailed the company to see if they could sew a cross on the edge and it was simple but so perfect. My sister said my little niece (3 months) keeps smiling when she sees the blanket and keeps reaching to touch the sheep 🥰. Super soft as well! Definitely will be purchasing again for myself and others. Thank you!

Chris P – Roseburg, OR (pink)
Very nice affordable blanket for the stroller. Perfect fit for the lamb theme. ★★★★★

Susan S – Phoenix, MD (yellow)
Well made and adorable! Washed and dried like a dream. Arrived early, what more can I say? Thrilled! ★★★★★

Barbara W – Ayer, MA (white w/pink sheep)
I purchased this for a newborn baby girl. It’s adorable! Knowing that a family is benefiting from these lovely blankets makes it all that more special. I will remember this site, always, and purchase any future gifts from Sheep Dreamzzz. Thank you. ★★★★★

Lisa S – Milwaukie, OR (white w/blue sheep)
Beautiful blanket and ultra soft with great craftsmanship. Thank you for making it possible to purchase such a great product from the women in Nicaragua, I am just in love with your cause and this blanket. I bought a white blanket with baby blue sheep,and it’s just as pictured in the photos. Its thick, warm, and super cute; my babe uses it in our walks in the cold, rainy northwest. Thank you again. And keep doing a fantastic job!!! ★★★★★

Patricia M – Fairfax, VA (white w/pink sheep)
I bought two of these blankets, sight unseen, once I realized the community it served. They are exquisitely constructed, with no comparison. Soft and beautiful; creativity which far surpasses anything I have seen. This gift has a “custom personal feel” which is so much better than I anything else in large commercial stores. Several of my friends have and will purchase after seeing such a nice product. Thanks for having such a vision and impacting the lives of others in such a great way. ★★★★★

Pamela S – Bristol, RI (white w/pink sheep)
I have now ordered two of these wonderful blankets for expectant / new moms – and both were thrilled to receive them. One of the thank you notes expressed it perfectly, “Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket. I also love the story behind the blanket and that by using it in our family, we are supporting another family. What an extra special gift!” ★★★★★

Cara B – Tampa, FL (gray)
I bought a gray sheep dreamzzz blanket for my nephew for his first birthday and then had to buy another for my son! It is absolutely adorable, so soft & cuddly, and wonderfully made. ★★★★★

Nancy D – Naperville, IL (gray)
I am truly amazed at the quality and skill that goes into every single blanket! Sandy has meticulously taught these women, and they have mastered the craft expertly (and it is not easy—I tried to learn and failed)! But even more than that, the livelihood this provides for the Nicaraguan families is what really matters—the women keep 100% of the profits! These incredibly soft blankets will be a treasured gift for your loved ones, and a keepsake for years to come. I can’t wait to see my future grandson snuggle with his (he is due January 2nd)! ★★★★★

Amy P – Raleigh, NC (lavender, sky blue)
Love the blankets! I purchased them as gifts and the new Moms I gave them to also loved the blankets but more so were inspired by the story behind the ladies who made them. ★★★★★

Robert U – Scottdale, GA (gray)
I ordered this for friends of mine who are expecting in November. I wanted to get them something handmade. It looks great and very well made. I also liked the idea of supporting the women who make them. Thanks ★★★★★

Kelli M – El Cajon, CA (gray)
This was one of my favorite baby gifts…its so beautiful, amazing quality, and our new baby LOVES it! Just the other day he pulled it up to his cheek and rubbed the little sheep against it 🙂 Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful blanket! ★★★★★

Tim W – Naperville, IL (pastel green)
We got one for our grandson. It was very well made and super soft. ★★★★★

Katie E- Highland Falls, NY (pink)
Someone gave me a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket after I had my third baby and it is, hands down, my favorite of all the baby blankets we’ve had. It’s so soft and comfortable and I love that it’s a smaller size than traditional blankets which makes it great for the carseat. ★★★★★

Carla A – Flower Mound, TX (navy blue)
These blankets are amazing. So soft and well-made— I have purchased 2 so far and will continue to give as baby gifts— great value. ★★★★★

Steve R – Dayton, OH (white w/blue sheep)
I bought one for my nephew and his wife’s 6 week old baby, Ryan, and they raved about its quality and softness. It was a big hit! They also love that it supported families in Nicaragua! ★★★★★

Alba Z – Spring Valley, NY (navy blue)
I bought a blanket for my 2nd Grandson and can’t wait until he gets the chance to use it. The blanket looks well knitted and love the fact that it is helping provide Women with a steady source of income as they produce their finish product. Thank you ★★★★★

Catherine D – Jacksonville, FL (gray)
These are beautiful handmade products which support a very worthy cause. I have bought 3 as gifts so far, and they have been very enthusiastically received. Strongly recommend as a newborn gift for those you love. ★★★★★

Rebecca C – Jacksonville, FL (pastel green)
These blankets are incredibly soft & plush. You can tell by looking at them that incredible time & care is put into each one. They are a lovely, timeless gift for any newborn. The thought that each purchase also contributes to giving women the ability to provide for their families is a heart-warming addition to the gift. ★★★★★

Kathy N – Rancho Bernardo, CA (gray)
My grandson loves his blanket! He actually rubs the sheep on his cheek because they are so soft. These are so well made and unlike what you can buy in a store. Well done! ★★★★★

Annie C – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (baby blue)
Quality of product is excellent. Very unique gift and I will buy again when ever I have a baby gift need. ★★★★★

Hannah F – Wesley Chapel, FL (peach)
My girl sleeps with her Sheep Dreamzzz blanket every night!! So soft and so snuggly. Love that it helps women make a living! ★★★★★

Stacy F – Des Plaines, IL (peach)
These blankets are beautiful and amazingly well-made. They are soft and cuddly and hold up through lots of use. I love that they support Women working to support their families. ★★★★★

Lightweight Comfort Baby Blankets

Anna L – Blythe Island, GA (vanilla)
I received this blanket in ‘vanilla’ as a baby gift. I’m ordering a second Sheep Dreamzzz blanket today! I couldn’t love it more, it’s so soft that every time I touch it I’m saying “I have to have a spare!!” ★★★★★

Carma K – Indian Harbor Beach. FL (anchors aweigh)
I purchased this blanket for our son and daughter-in-law’s baby due the end of May.
It is beautiful and skillfully made. It makes it even more special that it helps support a family in Nicaragua. ★★★★★

Mary K – Prince Frederick, MD (camo)
This blanket is incredibly soft, lightweight and beautifully made. It was given as a baby shower gift and I love that it came with a card describing the mission behind the product. I have made three purchases from Sheep Dreamzzz… beginning my stockpile for future grand babies! ★★★★★

Cozy Softness Wool-based Baby Blankets

Susan H – Park Forest, IL (pink, purple & more)
I have just received my order; I am at a loss for words how absolutely gorgeous this blanket is! I really wanted an unusual baby blanket, and this blanket is all that, so soft, the colors are so beautiful, and great workmanship and quality. I thank you! Your customer service is outstanding, and your promptness in getting my order out and delivered was superb! THANK YOU! ★★★★★

Birgit H – Jacksonville (pink, purple & more)
I purchased my blanket for my granddaughter. The colors were exactly the same as what I was planning on using to make my own blanket. With everything that goes on, I hardly got mine started. We love this blanket. ★★★★★

Jonathan A – Brooklyn, OH (Caribbean Sea)
I bought this blanket for a friend’s newborn. The “Caribbean Sea” color is vibrant and soft. It’s excellent quality; mom and baby are happy. Definitely recommend. ★★★★★

Team Blankets

Alayna H – Virginia Beach, VA (Green Bay Packers)
Our blanket is spectacular! Wonderful quality and the colors are just what we hoped! We ordered a custom-made one with colors of my husband’s favorite Pro Football team. We bought this with the intention of it becoming a family heirloom and there is no doubt it will last a long time! The communication was great when ordering and during the time it was being made. We are so glad to support the women and their families. 100% recommend purchasing one for family, friends or for gifts. ★★★★★

Rebecca C – Jacksonville, FL (FSU)
These blankets are incredibly soft & plush. You can tell by looking at them that incredible time & care is put into each one. They are a lovely, timeless gift for any newborn. The thought that each purchase also contributes to giving women the ability to provide for their families is a heart-warming addition to the gift. ★★★★★

Lovey Security Blankets

Natalie C – Wilmington, NC (baby blue)
I love my white and blue lovey for my son. It is the perfect colors, especially living in the Tarheel state. These make perfect gifts too, I’m sure to buy a few more for my friends having babies so they can share in the love that went into these being made as well as the love that it provides the little ones. ★★★★★

Hannah F – Wesley Chapel, FL (pink)
My baby loves her pink lovey so much. She sleeps with it for every nap/bedtime! They’re so soft & beautiful, really high quality. Great for everyday use but also so beautiful that I hope to save it for her to give to her own kiddos one day. ★★★★★


Kathy B – Saint Charles, MO
I had a baby shower coming up quickly, and needed a gift that wasn’t run-of-the-mill. I happened upon the website. Perfect! The description of the softness of the blankets – plus the fact that the handmade purchase would help the crafter and her family – what’s not to like?

So I ordered a gift card. That way my friends could choose the color and size they wanted, and I knew I was giving a unique, personalized gift. The process was super-easy – just clicked on the $1 and then upped it to the amount of the gift I wanted to give – wrote out my note for the card and sent it off. There are 2 ways they can do the gift certificate: either send it directly to the recipient, or forward it through you, the purchaser, which is what I did. The caring staff at the company made it a most pleasant experience all the way ’round.

My friends (both the parents and grandparents) are simply delighted, and we’re all pleased to know that this gift goes beyond just us. If you’re fretting about what to give for a baby shower, worry no more. TRY THIS!!! You’ll be glad you did! ★★★★★

We are a registered non-profit that has trained a small group of about 16 women in Nicaragua to knit beautiful baby blankets. Due to COVID, travel is difficult and infrequent, however we are about to make the trip. We can't ship anything until we return, so...

Orders received between July 22nd and 27th will ship via USPS Priority Mail on July 30 at no extra charge

Aura putting the finishing touches on a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket