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Love Lamb Blanket!

I bought one of the baby blankets for my future granddaughter! It was a huge hit at the baby shower! Quality, color, is phenomenal! So many people wanted to know the internet site so they could buy one!

Blanket Deals
Drew J.
I love these blankets!

Extremely soft and well made. Packaged very well, with a thoughtful note. Would buy again!

Light & Cozy Blankets
Rhonda Lunsford
Rhonda L

I recently purchased one of these blankets for a friend. The blanket is super soft, so adorable and very well made. I can hardly wait to give it. And the best part is the proceeds go directly to the lovely women in Nicaragua, who make the blankets, which helps to feed their family. So happy I was introduced to Sheep Dreamzzz.

Thanks for the kind words, Rhonda. That khaki blanket has worked out nicely especially when people don't yet know the gender or want a more natural look. We appreciate you supporting our work through your purchase!


The blankets make amazing gifts!
Shipment is quick and reliable. Great customer service. The recipients appreciate the precious blanket and are delighted to see the gift also benefits others.

Hi Kim. Thank you for your kind words. The vanilla blanket with coffee-colored sheep is, I think, one of our most elegant blankets. Brenda knits most of those and has become an excellent knitter. She supports 2 daughters and is always a joy to be around. Thank you for choosing Sheep Dreamzzz!

Comfort Chunky Blankets
karrie toussie


Sammie Mac's Blankeys

The blankets are beautiful. They wash well and the customer service is great. They are a little small. I may get the bigger one next time.

Hi Mary, thank you for the nice review. If you do get to the point where you want to try one of the larger ones, use the coupon code I'm about to send you privately to take $10 off.

Love the Lovey's!

After getting rave reviews from my first Lovey baby shower gift, I ordered and gave another Lovey for a second gift. Both recipients *loved* their Lovey's! Such a unique and lovely blankie, and the note that comes with the gift - explaining how these help feed a family in the developing world - makes the gift that much more special. This is now my go-to baby gift!
(BTW, I also had an email question about my gift - and it was personally answered within a few hours. Excellent customer service!)

Amazing comfort

Great blankets. Bought 2 for my daughters due in September. Very soft and amazing quality. Thanks for beautiful workmanship.

Perfect gifts

I'm long past the babies of my own stage, but what fun to give these blankets as gifts. My daughter and I love to keep a few on hand for upcoming showers. I just gave two to new babies last week and the parents were so thrilled I've been getting photos of baby and blanket (which they say are so beautiful that they hate to put them to use...but they certainly will!). Supporting the women knitters warms my heart as much as a blanket would as well. I'm getting ready to order another one in just a minute.

Blanket Deals
Melissa Larson
Excellent quality

Having something handmade in these times is wonderful. The blanket arrived as scheduled and wrapped with care. The quality speaks of the care & intent with which it was made.

Blanket Set

The blanket set is awesome! Our friend really loved it! It is so soft and cuddly!
Would highly recommend!

Comfort Chunky Blankets
Virginia F. Towns
For Baby Boy Hawk ( no name has been picked yet)

My Granddaughter (Elina) loved it, she is expecting her first baby in September, she is excited, and love the blanket.

Blanket/Lovey Combo Set
Margaret Thomas
Beautiful baby blankets

I love these beautiful baby blankets. This makes the second or third time I have ordered for friends. They make the perfect gift and are so lovely. Very well made, the knitting is awesome and the little sheep are precious. Thank you for selling these. They are awesome. It will go well with my hand knit sweaters etc. I highly recommend these blankets. They came ready to send in very nice packaging also.

Light & Cozy Blankets
Catherine Driscoll
Go to baby shower gift

These beautiful handmade blankets have become my go to gift for new parents. They are practical and each one comes with a story about the woman who lovingly created it. It is a pleasure to support the work of this agency.

Absolutely beautiful!

What a lovely blanket set! I loved the little sheep blanket, and the story of the women, when I found it on line. I was so excited when it arrived, that although it was beautifully packaged for a gift, I had to feel it for myself. Such soft material, and the tiny baby’s blanket was heavenly soft on the back with so many other soft textures for the baby to explore. Highly recommended.

‘I love my white and blue lovey for my son. It is the perfect colors, especially living in the Tarheel state. These make perfect gifts too, I’m sure to buy a few more for my friends having babies so they can share in the love that went into these being made as well as the love that it provides the little ones.’

I absolutely love my Sheep Dreamzzz blanket and lovey for my son. I was so enamored I have bought 4 more for friends as gifts for their little ones. I am also pleased that this business is connected with advancing skill sets in underprivileged areas and they are helping locals both professionally and personally. It makes these blankets all the more special.

Very nice affordable blanket for the stroller. Perfect fit for the lamb theme.

I bought two of these blankets, sight unseen, once I realized the community it served. They are exquisitely constructed, with no comparison. Soft and beautiful; creativity which far surpasses anything I have seen. This gift has a “custom personal feel” which is so much better than I anything else in large commercial stores. Several of my friends have and will purchase after seeing such a nice product. Thanks for having such a vision and impacting the lives of others in such a great way.

I received this blanket in ‘vanilla’ as a baby gift. I’m ordering a second Sheep Dreamzzz blanket today! I couldn’t love it more, it’s so soft that every time I touch it I’m saying “I have to have a spare!!”

This blanket is incredibly soft, lightweight and beautifully made. It was given as a baby shower gift and I love that it came with a card describing the mission behind the product. I have made three purchases from Sheep Dreamzzz… beginning my stockpile for future grand babies!

I have now ordered two of these wonderful blankets for expectant / new moms – and both were thrilled to receive them. One of the thank you notes expressed it perfectly, “Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket. I also love the story behind the blanket and that by using it in our family, we are supporting another family. What an extra special gift!”

I bought a gray sheep dreamzzz blanket for my nephew for his first birthday and then had to buy another for my son! It is absolutely adorable, so soft & cuddly, and wonderfully made.

Well made and adorable! Washed and dried like a dream. Arrived early, what more can I say? Thrilled!

I have just received my order; I am at a loss for words how absolutely gorgeous this blanket is! I really wanted an unusual baby blanket, and this blanket is all that, so soft, the colors are so beautiful, and great workmanship and quality. I thank you! Your customer service is outstanding, and your promptness in getting my order out and delivered was superb! THANK YOU!


Kathy B – Saint Charles, MO
I had a baby shower coming up quickly, and needed a gift that wasn’t run-of-the-mill. I happened upon the website. Perfect! The description of the softness of the blankets – plus the fact that the handmade purchase would help the crafter and her family – what’s not to like?

So I ordered a gift card. That way my friends could choose the color and size they wanted, and I knew I was giving a unique, personalized gift. The process was super-easy – just clicked on the $1 and then upped it to the amount of the gift I wanted to give – wrote out my note for the card and sent it off. There are 2 ways they can do the gift certificate: either send it directly to the recipient, or forward it through you, the purchaser, which is what I did. The caring staff at the company made it a most pleasant experience all the way ’round.

My friends (both the parents and grandparents) are simply delighted, and we’re all pleased to know that this gift goes beyond just us. If you’re fretting about what to give for a baby shower, worry no more. TRY THIS!!! You’ll be glad you did! ★★★★★