Need a Baby Gift Fast?

Sarah Kate wrapped in an ice blue blanket. Great for a quick baby gift!
Quick Baby Gift Now!

Use our eGift option and we’ll quickly email you a color pdf gift certificate (sample below) for a free blanket or lovey. You will give it to the recipient, either by email or physically after printing it out. It can include your name and a personal note.

Within each product area (Cotton Elegance, Lightweight Comfort, Cozy Soft Wool, Organic-ish, and Lovey Security Blanket) look for the last color swatch circle – the blank one. Choose it and you’re on your way!

This way, you also don’t have to choose the color. Your recipient gets to do that, so they get exactly what they want.

We’re a non-profit that trains women in the poorest country in Central America to make beautiful baby blankets, so your gift will also arrive with a story of helping and empowerment.

Sample certificate – coupon codes are unique and expire after 6 months

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