Rainbow Baby


Blankets seen here feature the colors of the rainbow, whether in the body of the blanket or just the fluffy little sheep that are knitted into each blanket as it is made.

For some, these color choices have special significance, as a “rainbow baby” is one born after the loss of a previous one due to miscarriage, stillbirth or death in infancy. These special babies are like the beautiful rainbow that follows a storm. We discovered this connection quite by accident when someone bought a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket with a single rainbow sheep; it struck a positive chord and they let us know. So we decided to make more blankets with these colors.

With or without the rainbow baby connection, these are all beautiful blankets, and we are happy to include any number of “rainbow sheep” on any blanket.

All of our blankets are made by women trained to knit by our non-profit in Nicaragua, the poorest country in Central America. They have become expert knitters, and all of them have experienced their own significant hardships, and continue to do so. Your purchase of a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket enables them to feed and attend to the health needs of their own families.

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We can make any blanket with rainbow sheep, so if you prefer other colors for your rainbow baby blanket, or if you want one of our regular blankets with a single rainbow sheep, just let us know. We will let you know if there would be any additional cost (unlikely) and when we can deliver it (right after our next trip to Nicaragua, but we could be there right now!).

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