Faux Fur, Minky & Sherpa Blankets

Faux fur blankets are widely sold at department stores, in baby shops, even by high-priced blanket companies. The term "minky" is used if it has a pebbled finish or "sherpa" if it's made to look like sheep wool. "Chamois" is another term used. All are variations on faux (fake) fur.


Model holding up a faux fur blanket

Little Giraffe Faux Fur "Luxe" Baby Blanket ($99-$104) - 100% Polyester

While they are very soft, you'll find them to be 100% synthetic and not breathable. Most are 100% polyester (a form of plastic - see below), and almost all are made in overseas factories to keep manufacturing costs low. So it's pretty amazing that some cost as much as $100.

Chinese blanket factory with many workers at machines

 Chinese factory for mass production of baby blankets

The manufacture of faux fur begins with a chemical process resulting in textile rolls from which blanket shapes are cut. A manufacturer's label is sewn on and a satin border may be added. The only real differences are in dye colors/patterns and size.

Why So Popular?

Faux fur blankets are very soft and available in many colors, patterns, and sizes. They can be inexpensive depending on the brand. They can be thrown into the washer many times and, like anything made of plastic, they don't stain easily.

For manufacturers, faux fur blankets are cheap to make, which translates into huge profits. This enables them to offer many discounts and promotions.

Hand Knitting Compared

If you want a cheaply made, washable blanket to throw onto the floor or into the back of the car, go with faux fur, chamois, and the like. It will certainly by very soft, if not breathable. Just don't blow your budget on it. And why not consider the qualities of a hand-knitted blanket such as Sheep Dreamzzz?
  • Every stitch made by hand (craftsmanship vs. factory processes)
  • Woman-made in a safe, comfortable environment (see our "factory")
  • Non-profit - every dollar goes toward helping families in Central America's poorest economy
  • Breathable - here's why
  • Organic and 100% cotton options - the complete opposite of faux fur
  • Selection of yarn options and weights - including cotton and wool blends, lightweight, and many colors

An Heirloom Baby Blanket

It's almost laughable to see mass-produced faux fur blankets called "heirloom blankets." The term implies craftsmanship, careful handiwork, and an absolute inability to create via cheap factory work. In other words, approaches carefully perfected by past generations and passed down to us.

We think that our handmade blankets win this match vs. faux fur, minky, sherpa, etc. hands down. So give Sheep Dreamzzz a try. You will love the result, and so will your precious little lamb!

boxing sheep

The perfect gift!

This is the third Sheep Dreamzzz blanket I’ve purchased and it’s just as beautiful as the others. I love all things handmade and I love the idea that my purchase is not just a blessing to the recipient but to the crafter. Well done, Sheep Dreamzzz!  - Roberta (Nov. 2022)