Organize Your Prayer Life!

Do you struggle to keep track of people and things you want to pray for? Are your prayers the same day after day? Let's be honest - anything we do the same day after day is (by definition) monotonous and we are less and less likely to stick with it.

The Prayer-Minder provides structure and day-to-day variation that you may need to help keep your prayers dynamic. We offer versions for adults, teens, and kids.

We created the Prayer Minder back in 2011. Our supply is dwindling and we've yet to decide whether to make more (we're pretty focused on our 501(c) (3) charity Sheep Not Goats and the Sheep Dreamzzz baby blankets that are part of that and the focus of this web site).

Church Leaders: Consider giving a Prayer-Minder to everyone who attends your event, retreat, camp, or VBS. Consider the lasting spiritual value of a tool that will help people succeed in praying regularly (does a T-shirt deliver as much?). We offer volume discounts, so cost should not present a major obstacle.

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