Gender Neutral Baby Blankets

Sheep Dreamzzz has lots of "unisex" or gender neutral baby blanket colors. Here we're showing just a few but you can easily browse our colors here.

People often seek out neutral colors because they don't know if a boy or a girl will be born. A Sheep Dreamzzz gift card is another great option, since the mom and dad can choose their own color once they know what they are having (or perhaps they already know and aren't sharing).

We're non-profit and every sale helps to feed a family in need. meet our knitters

Luxury baby blanket gift set - vanilla with coffee-colored fluffy sheep
Vanilla / Café Luxury Gift Set - A Great Gender Neutral Color
Buttercup yellow baby blanket
Khaki baby blanket
Khaki Lightweight Blanket
Aqua Baby Blanket
Aqua Angel Soft Blanket
Cookies and Cream Baby Blanket

 Cookies and Cream Blanket

So if you like the idea of helping others when you're getting a blanket in a gender neutral color, give Sheep Dreamzzz at try.