Fluffy Sheep Doll

Perhaps you landed here just looking for a sheep doll. Frankly, you can find those anywhere. We want to convince you to dive even deeper into the sheep theme with a beautiful hand-knitted lovey as well.

Our handmade loveys are about 15 inches square with lots of textures for a baby to explore - the hand-knitted face, soft minky back, satin border, and 4 fluffy sheep knitted right in. What a perfect accompaniment for your sheep doll!

Sheep doll with a multicolor handmade lovey blanket


All of our knitting (loveys, blankets, gift sets) is done by women that our non-profit (Sheep Not Goats) trained to knit in Central America's poorest country (Nicaragua). They knit to feed their families. Who else gives you the chance to help the poor by buying a sheep doll?

This is not a factory operation. There are currently 11 women who knit in the living room of the small house we built for the farm we set up in a small rural town in Nicaragua, where we also employ locals so they have income.

Women knitting Sheep Dreamzzz baby blankets


Every lovey comes with a sheep doll, with gray or pink face and feet depending on the color (the one in each lovey's picture, but feel free to ask us for the other one). They can also be added to any blanket order. We do reserve the right to change the doll style if we are out of those shown below. That only happens if our suppliers are temporarily out of them.

Fluffy sheep dolls - one white and gray, the other white and pink

Did we mention our luxury gift sets, with a blanket, lovey, and sheep doll at a savings with a nice gift box and free upgrade to priority mail shipping?


Luxury baby blanket gift set - vanilla with coffee-colored fluffy sheep

That's it! We hope we've convinced you to not just give an off-the-shelf sheep toy but to coordinate a fluffy sheep doll with something handmade, along the way helping a woman to feed her family!