Custom Baby Blankets

Sheep Dreamzzz baby blankets are beautiful, and every one feeds a family in need, but sometimes you want something a little different. We've made a number of custom blankets, most of them shown below, and are happy to discuss having one knit just for you.

There are a few challenges, so once you understand these feel free to contact us about some custom work.

  1. There is no "economy of scale" for larger blankets when it comes to knitting. A blanket that's twice the size requires twice the yarn and labor. We will work to accommodate, but understand that anything less than a proportional increase in price can only come out of the knitter's pay. If we give this to her as extra work that she would not otherwise receive, she may be willing to take it on.
  2. If we need to purchase yarn that we don't already have or that is sourced outside of our normal yarn suppliers, it may cost more and we have to pass that extra cost on to you.
  3. Further to this last point, we also have to get the yarn to Nicaragua, have the blanket made, and get it back. This can take a month or more (depending on our travel plans), so don't view this as an order now/receive in time for next week's shower type of scenario.

Apart from all of this, we really enjoy custom work! So here are some examples of what we've done.


 Cruz knitted this organic blanket twice our normal size, with 48 sheep instead of our normal 24 sheep. It came out perfect. See the review from Andrea.

Cruz holding up a double-size custom organic fern green blanket

The request here was for some blankets in patriotic colors. One of our first custom orders.

Baby blankets in patriotic colors

This customer wanted a larger pink blanket with no sheep that would look similar to a blanket that someone grew up with and had lost.

Large pink custom baby blanket

While this does not involve changes to the knitted blanket itself, we have added satin borders and embroidery to a number of our blankets. This is done in the US so they extra delay is only a couple of days.

Baby blanket with a satin border and embroidered name

Here's a navy blue blanket where we left one sheep off so we could embroider a New York Yankees logo. If you want something like this in one of the squares, we have to leave a sheep off, which takes some planning. Just ask us about it.

Sheep Dreamzz custom baby blanket with Yankees logo