Best Baby Blanket for 2023?

An online search for "best baby blankets" is somewhat useless as nearly 100% of results are articles for which the blanket manufacturers have paid to be included. Take special note if there are buy buttons in the article - it will only include products for which the author can receive a share of your money.

Do you feel like this rabbit lost in a sea of decent-looking options?

Rabbit in a sea of carrot options - it's like trying to find the best baby blankets among all the baby blanket brands out there.

Of course we at Sheep Dreamzzz are a bit biased about our blankets. We freely admit that, but offer here a few quick points of comparison with other blankets out there - if nothing else, some criteria you might want to consider.

Handmade Quality

Each of our blankets is knitted by hand over the course of a week or more. And the quality shows. Almost all other baby blankets consist of a piece of fabric cut from a roll with some kind of border sewn onto it. Mostly machine work. Even most knitted blankets are made on machines!

We just saw the VeryWellFamily picks for 2023. The top 3 are all 100% polyester!  polyester is a form of plastic

The women who knit for Sheep Dreamzzz (a not-for-profit entity) have become true experts at their craft since we began in 2018. Many reviewers comment about the excellent quality of work and consider ours the best baby blanket they can find.

Sheep Dreamzzz knitter (Aura) making by hand one of the best baby blankets you can buy.

No machine touches our blankets until the final label is sewn on. 95% of baby blankets are cut from a roll in a factory, then a border is added.

Helping Others

Sheep Dreamzzz is part of our 501(c) (3) charitable organization, Sheep Not Goats. We exist to help women in the poorest Central American country survive and feed their families. The money we make from Sheep Dreamzzz blankets doesn't go to anyone in the US - we pay as much as possible to the 10 or so women who make our blankets. 

Sheep Dreamzz knitter (Diana) making a blanket - a gift that gives back

Diana supports herself and her children through her knitting, and has done so for 5 years. We've also paid for eyeglasses when she needed them.


There's plenty of talk about whether babies should even have blankets in the crib. Hand-knitted blankets are inherently breathable. Think about the hat or scarf your grandmother may have knitted for you - there are lots of little holes.

Machine-knitting doesn't produce the same level of breathability. A hand-knit blanket is even more breathable than a cotton muslin blanket.

Section of hand-knitted blanket showing the holes and light passing through. The best baby blanket brand because it's breathable.

See all the little holes? For breathability you can't do better than hand-knit.


Every Sheep Dreamzzz blanket is ready to give as a gift. Even if you don't purchase an add-on gift box, your blanket will arrive nicely folded in a crystal clear cellophane packet with a silky ribbon tied around it with a bow, and you'll see who made it and read a little bit about her.
Best Baby Blanket?

In addition to the standard packaging shown here, we have gift boxes and even a little sheep doll that arrives tucked under the silky ribbon.

Best Baby Blanket?

Here's one of the cards that arrive with the blankets (those made by Eva!)


Go ahead and use lists of "Best Baby Blanket Brands" to understand your options. It's a lot of great marketing! Look closely at the products. We're convinced you'll find almost nothing that is 100% handmade. And while some companies donate may 10% or so to a cause, with us it's 100%. Read our reviews - it does matter. Both givers and receivers appreciate it!