Baby Blankets for Girls

We have lots of different baby blankets for girls, including varieties of pink, lavender, and other traditional "girls colors." You can easily see all the colors on our main baby blankets page using the color swatches; we've also placed photos below and each one links to that specific product.

All of our baby blankets for girls (and boys) are 100% hand-knitted by women that we as a non-profit trained in Central America's poorest country. Every sale helps to feed a family in need. meet our knitters

Little girl baby blanket in lavender
A very lightweight lavender blanket. Lavender is a very popular color for girl baby blankets right now.
Our original pink blanket for a girl - soft and mostly cotton
This is our original pink baby blanket - very soft and solid. A reliable standard as a girl baby blanket.
Lightweight girl baby blanket - pastel pink
This one is a very lightweight (and breathable) baby blanket for a little princess!
Lovey security blanket for girl - with a fluffy sheep
Our smaller lovey security blanket comes with a fluffy sheep doll. A nice smaller blanket for a girl to carry around with no fear of tripping over it.
Gray girl blanket with pink sheep
We can put pink sheep on any baby blanket. This gray one with pink sheep has was unexpectedly popular.
White baby blanket with lovey for girl - with pink fluffy sheep
And then there's white - elegant but definitely a blanket for girls because of the pink sheep. Add a lovey to your blanket and save a little. Purchase a full luxury gift set with blanket, lovey, sheep doll, and a free upgrade to USPS Priority Mail and save even more.


Sheep Dreamzzz also has gender-neutral blankets, which of course can work for any baby. Not sure which color to buy? Consider a gift card! That way the parents can choose both the color and yarn type (cotton, wool, other) for themselves.