All Sheep Dreamzzz blankets arrive ready to give as a gift. By default, blankets come in crystal-clear cellophane with a nice silky ribbon.

Other options for your blanket are clear-lid box ($5) and an all-white cardboard box ($4) – both with a color-coordinated ribbon.

Pastel Pink Luxury Gift Set
Pure White Blanket Gift Box


Loveys also come in a clear cellophane wrap surrounded with silky ribbon, or for $3 more we’ll put it in a nice clear-top gift box.

Sheep Dreamzzz loveys in gift boxes

Blanket/Lovey Gift Sets

Our gift sets come in a pure white gift box with a a ribbon around it.

Pure White Blanket Gift Box

If a (free) printed note is requested, it will either be attached via the ribbon (bag) or inside the box. Every blanket comes with the following photo image to share that this is more than just an off-the-shelf product.

Blanket gift boxes cost $5.00, which is very close to our added cost since it pushes weight over one pound and shipping costs more.

Every week we present a new blanket here and offer $10 off using coupon code SPECIAL-10 (write it down).

This week's blanket is called Earthy Wool - it's gender-neutral and has a natural look. It contains 25% washable wool that is very soft and not scratchy like you may remember wool from the past!

Closeup of a Cozy Soft Wool baby blanket in earthy colors
Click the image to learn more about this "Toybox" blanket.

Sign up for periodic emails first and receive a code for $5 off which can be used in conjunction with the one above, for a total of $15 off. This takes us to absolute break even but we do this to increase exposure to our blankets and our work. Sheep Dreamzzz is not-for-profit and has trained a group of 15 women in Central America's poorest country to knit beautiful baby blankets.