Close-up of white sheep on a pink Sheep Dreamzzz blanket
Matthew 25

Why the Sheep? That’s a fair question. And before answering, let us say that we are happy to make any of our blankets without sheep. We’ve also made them in custom colors for sports teams and in different sizes.

Sheep Dreamzzz is part of a 501(c) (3) charitable organization called Sheep Not Goats. That name comes from the Bible (Matthew 25) where “the sheep” are those who fed the poor, gave them water to drink, clothes to wear, etc. “The goats” are the bad guys in that parable. Nothing against goats; that’s just the way the story goes.

So It’s from Matthew 25

Even without that bit of background information, who can’t love a sheep, or even better, a soft, cute little lamb? One thing we know is that babies love to touch the fluffy sheep on our blankets with their fingers and also to feel them against their cheeks.

We are Christians and our faith encouraged us to begin our work in Nicaragua almost 8 years ago, however our work is to give people a chance to work in order to earn income and have the dignity that comes from that (as opposed to just receiving handouts). We hope that we are being “sheep” in the biblical sense, and we assure you that we have nothing against actual goats!

So to wrap this up, there is a reason for all of the sheep, based on Matthew 25. But even without that we think they make our Sheep Dreamzzz blankets even more special. And again, we are happy to make any blanket without sheep. Or to change their color. Or leave off the faces and feet and call them clouds. Or anything else you suggest. We are always open to input and want to make exactly what you want!

“Someone gave me a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket after I had my third baby and it is, hands down, my favorite of all the baby blankets we’ve had.” – Katie (New York)  ★★★★★  see all reviews

Final words about our sheep: They are knitted into the blanket as it is made, not “applied” afterward. Also, all of the white, pink, blue, and rainbow-color sheep are made from a soft & fluffy synthetic yarn that is Oeko-tex certified, which means that it’s been tested for over 300 harmful substances and is proven to be safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. And of course all of our blankets are painstakingly knitted in a completely smoke- and pet/animal-free environment.