Gender-Neutral Baby Blankets

There are good reasons to consider gender-neutral baby blankets. Many people don’t know if they are having a girl or a boy, some might want a blanket they can use with more than one child, and some are simply ready to move on from the traditional pinks and blues.

Sheep Dreamzzz offers great gender-neutral baby blankets. Here we’ve placed images of our most popular ones, but you can easily see all of our colors on one page here. Click any image to go to that blanket type. From there you may need to reselect the color.

We must mention that we are a non-profit that trains women to knit in Nicaragua, the poorest country in Central America, and in the 2+ years we have been doing this, they have become expert knitters. The quality is excellent, and when you buy a blanket, you are helping a woman (typically a young mom) to feed her family.

A nice soft medium gray baby blanket - the most popular of our gender-neutral baby blankets

Comfort Chunky – Medium Gray

Gray has proven to be very popular in the gender-neutral space. This one is 52% acrylic, 40% wool, and 8% nylon, and is very solid and super-soft. It’s approximately 24 inches by 24 inches, which is a great size as a lot of kids will trip over a larger blanket once they start walking. We also have one with a white border plus other solid grays in wool blend and organic-ish.

Light & Cozy – Vanilla

This blanket isn’t white – it’s vanilla and has light brown sheep on it, so it’s gender-neutral with an earthy tone to it. The fact that it’s so lightweight makes it a great year-round cover. 55% cotton, 45% acrylic

The best carseat blanket in khaki

Light & Cozy – Khaki

This blanket is made with the same yarn as the one just above, although it’s just slightly less lightweight, and the color is a little bit on the dark side of khaki.

Our Caribbean Blue wool-blend baby blanket - very soft! And a good choice when considering gender-neutral baby blankets!

Wooly Warmth – Caribbean Sea

This wool blend has a bright and cheery mix of sea blue, baby blue, and green and is full and soft. 25% superwash wool, 75% acrylic

On our main page you’ll find other blankets with sea blue / turquoise in them, which we think makes a good gender-neutral choice. Other “unisex” options there include teal, tan/sand, a few greens, and others.

Things to Consider about Baby Blankets

Gender-Neutral Nursery Colors

Every week we present a new blanket here and offer $10 off using coupon code SPECIAL-10 (write it down).

This week's blanket is called Earthy Wool - it's gender-neutral and has a natural look. It contains 25% washable wool that is very soft and not scratchy like you may remember wool from the past!

Closeup of a Cozy Soft Wool baby blanket in earthy colors
Click the image to learn more about this "Toybox" blanket.

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