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Sheep Dreamzzz

Sheep Doll

Sheep Doll

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This 8-inch sheep doll is oh-so-soft and fits perfectly with the sheep theme of our blankets. It’s a "Mini Flopsie” sheep from Aurora products and it is really nice!

We don't sell these on their own but bundle them with our loveys and gift sets. If you only want a blanket, consider adding a flopsie sheep doll. It will be a combination your baby or toddler will definitely love!

You'll feel even better about the upgrade knowing that we're a non-profit and all proceeds from blanket and lovey sales go to the women we've trained to knit it Central America's poorest country. Here's how to get the sheep doll:

Lovey - Each Sheep Dreamzz lovey comes with a plush sheep doll

Blanket - The stuffed sheep doll is available as an add-on

Gift Set - Blanket, lovey, gift box, priority shipping, and sheep doll all together at a savings

Vanilla color lovey with a sheep doll
Sheep Dreamzzz Lovey - Sheep Doll Included!

For more information about the sheep dolls themselves, please see the Aurora web site here, here, and here – the difference in price reflects added shipping cost since we don't add anything to our blanket shipping charge when you add a sheep doll.

Lavnender baby blanket gift set
Gift Set - 29 Sheep in All Including the Sheep Dolly!

These are great sheep dolls that many of our customers want. When our blankets are in a store it's the first thing that catches a child's eye; it will really boost a toddler's enthusiasm when receiving a blanket since it's a chance to play with a toy immediately.

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Customer Reviews

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Kim P.
Best and softest baby blankets!

Love your blankets and now the little sheep is so cute and cuddly. Have purchased several blankets in various colors and the craftmanship is great and again, so soft. Thank you!