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★★★★★ I purchased this blanket for our son and daughter-in-law’s baby due the end of May. It is beautiful and skillfully made. It makes it even more special that it helps support a family in Nicaragua. - Carma K.

★★★★★ This blanket is incredibly soft, lightweight and beautifully made. It was given as a baby shower gift and I love that it came with a card describing the mission behind the product. I have made three purchases from Sheep Dreamzzz… beginning my stockpile for future grand babies! - Mary K.

★★★★★ I bought a blanket for my 2nd Grandson and can’t wait until he gets the chance to use it. The blanket looks well knitted and love the fact that it is helping provide Women with a steady source of income as they produce their finish product. Thank you - Alba Z.

★★★★★ I purchased this for a newborn baby girl. It’s adorable! Knowing that a family is benefiting from these lovely blankets makes it all that more special. I will remember this site, always, and purchase any future gifts from Sheep Dreamzzz. Thank you. - Barbara W.

★★★★★ Quality of product is excellent. Very unique gift and I will buy again when every I have a baby gift need. (review submitted July 2019 and later move here). - Annie C.

★★★★★ These blankets are amazing. So soft and well-made— I have purchased 2 so far and will continue to give as baby gifts— great value. - Carla A.

★★★★★ These are beautiful handmade products which support a very worthy cause. I have bought 3 as gifts so far, and they have been very enthusiastically received. Strongly recommend as a newborn gift for those you love. - Catherine D.

★★★★★ My girl sleeps with her Sheep Dreamzzz blanket every night!! So soft and so snuggly. Love that it helps women make a living! - Hannah F.

★★★★★ I am truly amazed at the quality and skill that goes into every single blanket! Sandy has meticulously taught these women, and they have mastered the craft expertly (and it is not easy—I tried to learn and failed)! But even more than that, the livelihood this provides for the Nicaraguan families is what really matters—the women keep 100% of the profits! These incredibly soft blankets will be a treasured gift for your loved ones, and a keepsake for years to come. I can’t wait to see my future grandson snuggle with his (he is due January 2nd)! - Nancy D.

★★★★★ Great gift! - This blanket is the perfect gift—it is such amazing quality and just simply adorable…as well as supporting a good cause. My friend (first-time grandma) was delighted when her daughter received this in the mail for her new bundle of joy. Shipping was super fast as well. Happy to support this great work of these hard-working Nicaraguan women. - Nancy D.

★★★★★ I absolutely love my Sheep Dreamzzz blanket and lovey for my son. I was so enamored I have bought 4 more for friends as gifts for their little ones. I am also pleased that this business is connected with advancing skill sets in underprivileged areas and they are helping locals both professionally and personally. It makes these blankets all the more special. - Natalie C.

★★★★★ My grandson loves his blanket! He actually rubs the sheep on his cheek because they are so soft. These are so well made and unlike what you can buy in a store. Well done! - Kathy N.

★★★★★ This was one of my favorite baby gifts…its so beautiful, amazing quality, and our new baby LOVES it! Just the other day he pulled it up to his cheek and rubbed the little sheep against it 🙂 Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful blanket! - Kelli M.

★★★★★ Someone gave me a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket after I had my third baby and it is, hands down, my favorite of all the baby blankets we’ve had. It’s so soft and comfortable and I love that it’s a smaller size than traditional blankets which makes it great for the carseat. - Katie E.

★★★★★ Well made and adorable! Washed and dried like a dream. Arrived early, what more can I say? Thrilled! - Susan S.

★★★★★ Very nice affordable blanket for the stroller. Perfect fit for the lamb theme. - Chris P.

★★★★★ Our blanket is spectacular! Wonderful quality and the colors are just what we hoped! We ordered a custom-made one with colors of my husband’s favorite Pro Football team. We bought this with the intention of it becoming a family heirloom and there is no doubt it will last a long time! The communication was great when ordering and during the time it was being made. We are so glad to support the women and their families. 100% recommend purchasing one for family, friends or for gifts. - Alayna H.

★★★★★ Excellent quality - Having something handmade in these times is wonderful. The blanket arrived as scheduled and wrapped with care. The quality speaks of the care & intent with which it was made. - Melissa L.

★★★★★ These blankets are incredibly soft & plush. You can tell by looking at them that incredible time & care is put into each one. They are a lovely, timeless gift for any newborn. The thought that each purchase also contributes to giving women the ability to provide for their families is a heart-warming addition to the gift. - Rebecca C.

★★★★★ Perfect gifts - I'm long past the babies of my own stage, but what fun to give these blankets as gifts. My daughter and I love to keep a few on hand for upcoming showers. I just gave two to new babies last week and the parents were so thrilled I've been getting photos of baby and blanket (which they say are so beautiful that they hate to put them to use...but they certainly will!). Supporting the women knitters warms my heart as much as a blanket would as well. I'm getting ready to order another one in just a minute. - carolyn

★★★★★ Sammie Mac's Blankeys - The blankets are beautiful. They wash well and the customer service is great. They are a little small. I may get the bigger one next time. - Mary

★★★★★ I love my white and blue lovey for my son. It is the perfect colors, especially living in the Tarheel state. These make perfect gifts too, I’m sure to buy a few more for my friends having babies so they can share in the love that went into these being made as well as the love that it provides the little ones.’ - Natalie C.

★★★★★ Love the Lovey's! - After getting rave reviews from my first Lovey baby shower gift, I ordered and gave another Lovey for a second gift. Both recipients *loved* their Lovey's! Such a unique and lovely blankie, and the note that comes with the gift - explaining how these help feed a family in the developing world - makes the gift that much more special. This is now my go-to baby gift! (BTW, I also had an email question about my gift - and it was personally answered within a few hours. Excellent customer service!) - Tricia N.

★★★★★ Absolutely Beauutiful Blanket and Lovey Set - I am so impressed with this beautiful blanket set. Exactly as pictured. It was so meaningful to order this as it helps support the Nicaragua knitters and their families. I will be gifting this blanket set to my niece who is expecting her first baby girl. I know she will love it! I highly recommend to anyone who has a baby or is looking for a beautiful shower or a baby gift for someone else. Excellent quality! - Bonnie B.

★★★★★ Beautiful baby blankets - I love these beautiful baby blankets. This makes the second or third time I have ordered for friends. They make the perfect gift and are so lovely. Very well made, the knitting is awesome and the little sheep are precious. Thank you for selling these. They are awesome. It will go well with my hand knit sweaters etc. I highly recommend these blankets. They came ready to send in very nice packaging also. - Margaret T.

★★★★★ Absolutely beautiful! - What a lovely blanket set! I loved the little sheep blanket, and the story of the women, when I found it on line. I was so excited when it arrived, that although it was beautifully packaged for a gift, I had to feel it for myself. Such soft material, and the tiny baby’s blanket was heavenly soft on the back with so many other soft textures for the baby to explore. Highly recommended. - PR

★★★★★ Blanket Set - The blanket set is awesome! Our friend really loved it! It is so soft and cuddly! Would highly recommend! - Richard G.

★★★★★ Amazing product! - I am very pleased with everything from the punctuality of the package that was sent to the intricate detailed knitting work done… As a gift for my first grandchild, it was a gift that will be appreciated for a long time! Thank you to all that were involved in producing this precious gift that is far more special than something bought at a “big box store “… - Gregory F.

★★★★★ These blankets are so soft and the best gift for a baby shower! One can never have too many blankets and these have such special meaning plus they help families in need. I’m a fan!!! - Andrea R.

★★★★★ They are so soft and beautifully made. I have purchased several in various colors, all were adorable. The last one was white with blue sheep, it’s one of my favorite color combinations. - Debbie M.

★★★★★ I love they are handmade with love and for a purpose. I plan to give mine as a baby gift. So beautiful and soft. Buying a baby blanket gives me the opportunity to be part of helping women help themselves❤️ Thank you!! - Loretta B.

★★★★★ Great blankets and wonderful cause! - Grace T.

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