Empowering Women, Feeding Families

Sheep Dreamzzz is empowering women in the third world by training them to be expert knitters. They work 5 days a week in a clean and safe environment, and through the income they receive are able to feed their families.

We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization committed to helping people through employment. We adhere to all fair trade principles and hope to help more and more women through this project called Sheep Dreamzzz.

So when you purchase one of our blankets as a gift, you receive far more than just an elegant and perfectly stitched blanket. You also know that, through your purchase, you have helped a family to survive through hard work, not handouts.

Our knitters - Sheep Dreamzzz: Empowering Women!

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KEY QUESTION: How much do you invest in the women you’re helping?

We’re so glad you asked! The answer is as much as possible. Although blankets vary slightly in cost since we use a few different yarns, we give the women most of the rest. We hold out $5.00 per blanket to help with overhead of the non-profit, which includes maintaining the work space in our house in Nicaragua (they knit in our living room, with ceiling fans on and music playing).

Their pay is calibrated to what we can afford when we sell through retail (retailers normally expect wholesale prices that are half of what the blankets sell for). We make next-to-nothing on those blankets but it helps the women to have steady work. Whenever we sell online or face-to-face, they get an extra $16, because through those channels we can afford it. NOTHING from the sale of a blanket goes to anyone other than the Nicaraguan knitters!

We invest in the knitters and the community in other ways also. We’ve helped some to find and pay for qualified medical care. We’ve given them free food from the farm where they work. We gave advance pay to one extremely reliable knitter so she could escape from a debt burden that was challenging her ability to feed her children (she worked it all off). And we’re prepared to do more as needs arise, and in Nicaragua people are always in dire straits!

PS – We mentioned Retail sales. That’s new for us and we have very little of it. If you know of baby boutiques that might be interested in our blankets and our cause, please reach out to them. This page describes what we can do for retail.

Sheep Dreamzzz is a project/ministry of the US-based 501(c) (3) charitable organization Sheep Not Goats Inc.