Custom Baby Blankets

We make beautiful, soft baby blankets in many colors, and gladly accept custom orders at no additional charge beyond the additional cost of yarn. For example, our normal colors are puchased in bulk, but we might have to buy 3-4 skeins just for you in a yarn store and would need to pass on that cost. We will tell you the final cost (and when it would be done) before asking you to pay anything.

Each of our blankets has a border (orange in the first photo), then a body (blue here), and 24 fluffy sheep, each with a face and two legs. All of those elements can be of different colors. We can leave the sheep off if you like. Or use rainbow-color yarn for them. Or make them flatter by using regular yarn, which opens the door to limitless color options.

Gator blanket with green sheep
This Gator fan wanted green sheep. At first we were skeptical, but it came out great.
Red, white, and blue custom blankets
Some custom blankets ordered by someone wanting patriotic colors.
One of our knitters working on either a Clemson or UF-themed blanket
Bright yellow baby blanket
Someone wanted a blanket that was very yellow!
Cruz with a blanket in HOPE Worldwide colors
We found the colors of another charitable organization, HOPE Worldwide, for this blanket
Carolina Gamecocks baby blanket
University of South Carolina blanket

Free Shipping on Orders over $100

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