Custom Baby Blankets

We make beautiful, soft baby blankets in many colors, and gladly accept custom orders at no additional charge. Every blanket sold helps a family struggling to survive in Central America.

Auburn or Bears blanket, orange with navy border

Each of our blankets has a border (navy blue here), a body (orange here), and 24 fluffy sheep. Those elements can be of different colors.

Another thing that can vary is the color of the faces and feet of the sheep. And sometimes we alternative from one sheep to the next.

If you can name the colors you want, we can find the right yarns for your blanket. We’ll also ask you about materials, which usually means cotton- or wool-based. We have great relationships with the top yarn suppliers and will confirm everything with you before asking you to order.

Don’t want sheep? Want a different size blanket, or something embroidered onto the blanket? Our knitters are highly skilled at their work, so let your imagination run wild and then contact us with your idea for a custom baby blanket.