Collection: Sheep Dreamzzz for Retail

If you like what you've seen in our shop, appreciate what Sheep Dreamzzz is doing to help women in Nicaragua, and are thinking about the placement of our blankets in a retail store (yours or somebody else's), then this is the page for you!

Baby blanket display at Coconut Barrell Artisan Market in Saint Augustine, FL

Our primary goal is to support the women who knit our blankets, so we pay them as much as we can for the 6-10 days of work that they invest into each one. Nobody else profits from Sheep Dreamzzz sales. For this reason, our wholesale price is 45% off of our retail price, and we only offer certain blankets for resale (on others we would not break even).

You may be accustomed to 50% off - think of the extra 5% as participation in the charitable work that we are doing (we are part of Sheep Not Goats, a 501c3 charitable organization). To be honest, we want partners who value our mission and want to participate in some way. Of course, at less than 45% off we could include more blankets - let us know if you wish to have that conversation.

In a consignment situation, we'll give you 40% of the sales price.

Below are the blankets that we are able to offer at wholesale prices. In addition, you will pay the cost of shipping them to you. We would happy to discuss colors and designs that would be unique to you. That way if you wanted to charge a higher price, nobody would find the same item for less in our shop. If we can make something work for you, we will!