Collection: Sheep Baby Blanket

Many people love lambs and sheep. They're soft and fluffy, and with yarn it's easy to make something with fluffy sheep that babies and toddlers love to touch.

Sheep baby blanket and sheep lovey and fluffy sheep doll, all in khaki

You've probably seen sheep blankets on Etsy already, but we want you to consider Sheep Dreamzzz as an even better place to find a sheep baby blanket. We're non-profit and every blanket sale feeds a family in Central America's poorest country for close to week! The women we've trained are the breadwinners for their families and this is our way of helping people with far less than we have.

It's a great way to give a beautiful, unique gift while helping others. You'll even receive the name and photo of the woman who made your blanket!

Read all the reasons to choose Sheep Dreamzzz for your hand-knitted sheep blanket here.

★★★★★ “I wanted to find a gift for a family member that is expecting their first born but also wanted to find a gift that would bring joy to someone else by a non-profit organization gift. I found your organization and I was thrilled to receive this beautiful blanket and knowing it is helping another family through your organization. Blanket is so very soft and made with great care!