Here you’ll find Sheep Dreamzzz baby blankets on sale – save using the coupon codes shown. Just apply the coupon during checkout and the amount will be subtracted!

All of our blankets are expertly handmade by women in the developing world who we have trained to knit so they can feed their families. We are not-for-profit.

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These are both cotton-based coral blankets. See the image with both at the bottom of this page.

$20 off Cotton Elegance: Coral – Use coupon code MONTHLY20OFF
A 60% cotton blanket that somewhat matches the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral
$20 off Lightweight Comfort: Coral – Use coupon code MONTHLY20OFF

Two gender-neutral, earth-toned blankets, both very soft.

$15 off Cotton Elegance: Tan/Sand – Use coupon code MONTHLY15OFF
Our camel and maroon wool blend Cozy Soft Wool baby blanket
$15 off Cozy Soft Wool: Camel & Maroon – Use coupon code MONTHLY15OFF

These 2 blankets are very close in color.
The Lightweight Comfort one (60% cotton) is just a bit darker with less pink in it.
The Cotton Elegance one (52% cotton) is slightly brighter and a little bit softer.