Baby Blankets for Girls

Sheep Dreamzzz has blankets in many colors, including lots that are traditionally oriented toward girls. Click an image for more information and photos.

Beautiful Pink Baby Blanket Hanging From a Clothesline
Our original pink blanket – it’s cotton-based with good weight and very soft
Little Girl Wrapped in Two Blankets - One Ice Blue, the Other Aqua
Not sure what’s coming? Ice blue works for girls or boys.

Gelati Baby Blanket
Tutti Frutti has a playful mix of sherbet-like colors

We are not-for-profit and have trained 15 women in Central America’s poorest country to knit beautiful baby blankets. They finally have a source of steady income to feed their families!

Closeup of Gray Baby Blanket with Pink Sheep
Gray is a popular color, but add pink sheep and this one’s for the gals only!
This earth-tome, gender-neutral baby blanket in vanilla color is very popular
Another gender-neutral blanket, but so elegant we think it’s great for a precious little girl
Mam and Baby with a White Blanket with Pink Sheep
White come alive with fluffy pink sheep – available in heavy and lightweight versions

Why all the Sheep? To find out, click here

Snug under a super-soft wool-based knitted baby blanket
A colorful 25% wool blanket that is incredible soft and spongy
Take step beyond traditional pink with our Salmon Pink cotton blend blanket
Lovey Security Blankets, One Flipped to Show Pebbled Minky Back
We offer smaller “lovey” security blankets – cost less, more textures, and available in sets with full-size blankets at $10 off

Every week we present a new blanket here and offer $10 off using coupon code SPECIAL-10 (write it down).

This week's blanket is called Earthy Wool - it's gender-neutral and has a natural look. It contains 25% washable wool that is very soft and not scratchy like you may remember wool from the past!

Closeup of a Cozy Soft Wool baby blanket in earthy colors
Click the image to learn more about this "Toybox" blanket.

Sign up for periodic emails first and receive a code for $5 off which can be used in conjunction with the one above, for a total of $15 off. This takes us to absolute break even but we do this to increase exposure to our blankets and our work. Sheep Dreamzzz is not-for-profit and has trained a group of 15 women in Central America's poorest country to knit beautiful baby blankets.