Baby Blankets for Boys

Sheep Dreamzzz has blankets in many colors, including lots that are traditionally oriented toward boys. Click an image for more information and photos.

Baby Blue Wool Blend Baby Blanket
We have “baby blue” blankets – cotton chunky, lightweight, or wool-based
Multicolor Blue Chunky Baby Blanket (at an angle)
Here’s a variation called “Anchors Aweigh” for a navy/nautical look

Multicolor Baby Blanket with Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, and Green
We love this bright & playful blanket – it’s like opening a new box of Lego!

We are not-for-profit and have trained 15 women in Central America’s poorest country to knit beautiful baby blankets. They finally have a source of steady income to feed their families!

A cute young boy with his organic Sheep Dreamzzz knitted baby blanket
We have 90% organic blankets in charcoal, fern green, and other good “boy colors”
The best carseat blanket in khaki
Khaki works well for a more natural look
Emerald Green Baby Blanket
Irish baby? Only 2 of these left!

Why all the Sheep? To find out, click here

Our Caribbean Blue wool-blend baby blanket - very soft! And a good choice when considering gender-neutral baby blankets!
Another blanket with a “nautical” feel – this one mixes greens and blues
White Baby Blanket with Fluffy Blue Sheep
Elegant but clearly for a boy with its blue sheep. Both solid/chunky and lightweight options.
Blue Lovey Security Blanket from Sheep Dreamzzz, also showing the minky back
We offer smaller “lovey” security blankets – cost less, more textures, and available in sets with full-size blankets at $5 off

Give Sheep Dreamzzz for Christmas

Baby blankets and loveys hand-knitted by women trained by our non-profit in Central America's poorest country. They receive all of the profits. Handmade, beautiful, and helps a family in need.

Lovey with Christmas Ribbon

Request a free Christmas ribbon during checkout!