Some Baby Blanket Comparisons

Before we begin our baby blanket comparisons, let’s just admit that we may be just a tad biased about Sheep Dreamzzz baby blankets. Here we won’t talk about how our blankets provide work to vulnerable women and enable them to feed their families. At least from this point on we are going to focus on blanket design, production, and materials.

During this process, we’re going to show you blankets from some big-name companies – not just what you’d find in Target but also in some high-end baby boutiques. Some companies offer many different blankets so we’ve focused on what seem to be their top or lead offerings, in part determined by what shows up first on their web sites. For this analysis, we’re looking at Little Giraffe and Saranoni. We’ll add more over time.

Something we noticed when looking at other blankets is the extent to which they are largely, or completely, made from synthetic microfibers. Decide for yourself, but much has been written about their impact on the environment, such as…. 1   2   sidenote

Little Giraffe Luxe blanket used in our baby blanket comparisons
Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket

List Price: $94
Body: 100% polymicrofiber
Other: border is acetate and rayon
Dimensions: 29″ x 35″
Where Made: “Made in the USA from imported fabrics”

Comments: While we always applaud manufacture in the USA, our mission is to help women in the poorest country in Central America. “Imported” may conjure visions of some exotic place, but it’s probably China. This expensive blanket is basically two pieces of cut-out faux fur (similar to what you find on rolls at Joann) sewn together with a rayon/acetate border added. All stitched by machine.

Little Giraffe Velvet Deluxe Baby Blanket

List Price: $69
Body: 100% microfiber
Other: border and back are acetate and rayon
Dimensions: 29″ x 35″
Where Made: “Made in the USA from imported fabrics”

Comments: Pretty much the same as above in a slightly lower-cost product.

Sanoni Lush blanket used in our baby blanket comparisons
Saranoni Natural Lush Receiving Blanket

List Price: $39
Body: 100% polymicrofiber
Other: border and back are acetate and rayon
Dimensions: 30″ x 40″
Where Made: Doesn’t say

Comments: This definitely appears to be a heavy, lush blanket. Saranoni actually uses the word “factory” in their description, so there is no doubt that it is a factory product and all stitched by machine. Good price.

Close-up of white sheep on a pink Sheep Dreamzzz blanket
Sheep Dreamzzz Cozy Comfort

List Price: $65
Body: Cotton blend knitting yarn, 100% hand-stitched
Other: Sheep are Oekotex-certified polyester why?
Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Where Made: Small rural town in Nicaragua by moms in need

Comments: Yes, made in Nicaragua, but in a home (not a factory) by women we’ve trained and know personally. Excellent quality, every stitch made by hand over the course of a full week or more. Every purchase literally does feed a family.

One final note. If you’ve done your own baby blanket comparisons and have searched on “best baby blanket” or something similar, you’ve seen myriad lists, all with links that enable you to purchase and thus share money with whoever wrote the article or compiled the list. Getting on such lists typically requires a payment from the manufacturer or the list publisher is looking to make money through link clicks. Don’t trust them. You can obtain value from actual reviews written by real customers, especially if you believe the manufacturer hasn’t cherry-picked only the best reviews.

Even though it’s part of our web site, what you find on this page is different. First, we’re not linking to other blankets for the purpose of selling them or getting a share of a purchase. Second, we’re not-for-profit and never receive anything for ourselves when we sell a blanket. It’s all used for the benefit of the women in Nicaragua who knit our blankets in order to have income to feed their families.

Sidenote on microfibers, polyester, etc. – Most of our blankets have some synthetic components as part of their “cotton blend” or “wool blend” makeup. A pure cotton knitted blanket is not very soft, and both all-cotton and all-wool knitted items do not hold their shape. If you are opposed to all synthetics, either ask us to make a blanket from 100% organic content or look elsewhere. Our blankets are typically from 25%-60% cotton or wool. Products from other companies shown here are 100% petroleum-based synthetic and cut from rolls in a factory.