Sarah Kate agrees that a Sheep Dreamzzz blanket is a wonderful grandchild baby gift and the way to go when you need to choose a baby blanket

A Gift that Gives Back

Do you know an expectant mom, baby, or toddler who would appreciate a beautiful handmade baby blanket or lovey security blanket? If so, why not give something truly unique that will put food on the table for a family in an economically destitute country just a few hours away?

Sheep Dreamzzz is part of a 501(c)(3) non-profit called Sheep Not Goats. We think the best solution to poverty is employment. That’s why we’ve trained women in Nicaragua (Central America’s poorest country) to be first-rate knitters. They meet in our home there Monday through Friday mornings to make baby blankets. The environment is safe and clean. They talk, listen to music, and work as a team so as many as possible finish a blanket each week.

“So beautiful and soft. Buying a baby blanket gives me the opportunity to be part of helping women help themselves❤️ Thank you!!” ★★★★★

Once we’ve paid for yarn and other blanket-specific costs, all that we receive for our blankets goes to the women who make them. When you choose Sheep Dreamzzz, you have a luxurious gift to give and you help a woman who is working hard to help herself and her family.

“I purchased this for a newborn baby girl. It’s adorable! Knowing that a family is benefiting from these lovely blankets makes it all that more special. I will remember this site, always, and purchase any future gifts from Sheep Dreamzzz.” ★★★★★

The photo card that currently comes with every blanket

Every blanket and lovey arrives with a card showing how your gift helped a family in need.

“Love the blankets! I purchased them as gifts and the new Moms I gave them to also loved the blankets but more so were inspired by the story behind the ladies who made them..”  ★★★★★

“These are beautiful handmade products which support a very worthy cause. I have bought 3 as gifts so far, and they have been very enthusiastically received. Strongly recommend as a newborn gift for those you love.” ★★★★★